Smalland Sees Small Players Surviving In A Gigantic World
(Last Updated On: December 17, 2017)

Taking a look over to the indie scene we have a new and upcoming survival game by publisher and developer EMBU Games, which goes by the moniker of Smalland. The game sees players assuming more than 15 different small creatures in a gigantic world trying to survive.

The game may not seem like much from the outside looking in, but EMBU Games actually has a well made concept when looking over to the mechanical side of Smalland.

The latest trailer that is available to look over has been published on its newly posted Steam Early Access page. On the topic of Smalland and its Early Access page, below lies its official description:

“Smalland is a survival game on a much larger scale. You’ve been mysteriously shrunk to the size of a pebble and thrust into the great wilderness. Before you can begin to try and figure out why, you’ll need to find food, water, and shelter – surviving is a whole new game down here.”

The interesting thing behind this very game is that it’s primarily physics-based in a gigantic world with a small player. The problem that the devs have with most survival games in an open world is that there isn’t enough “symbiotic interaction” with the world and player. In other words, It could rain for days and it doesn’t affect much more than your mood.

In this game, physics-based rain will alter a lot of things like traveling in a sewer pipe, because it will fill up and become dangerous to travel being so small.

Moreover, you can’t ignore rain, wind or snow anymore. This means that you will need to pay attention to weather effects, since they will pose as a means to get past something quicker or a threat in traveling around.

You can watch in-game footage via the Smalland’s video trailer.

Character models could use some help, but overall the concept of a single-player and multiplayer game set in a gigantic world altered by physics/weather patterns is a pretty interesting ideal.

We’ll see if the game will sport actual symbiotic interaction regarding the world when more information comes out on Smalland. Until then, you can learn more about this game by hitting up

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