Sniper Rust VR Has Players Fighting Diverse Group Of International Terrorists

Sniper Rust VR

If you’ve been starved of proper terrorist-murdering sims, and you really need a good fix of killing a diverse group of international terrorists, there’s nothing better to quench the trigger-ready thirst of your index finger than Zatun Game Studio’s Sniper Rust VR.

Unlike a lot of other virtual reality titles out there, Sniper Rust VR is a game that relies on stealth, cunning, and sniping a giant hole in the head of an unsuspecting terrorist.

Players will take on the role of a sniper doing the work of world justice by killing suspected terrorist from an armed militia uprising taking place across international borders. As the most skilled sniper in the agency’s roster, you will venture through 18 different chapters, killing terrorists, and sniping them in the face with extreme prejudice.

You’ll have state-of-the-art sniping rifles at your disposal, as well as other firearms in which to dispense of the enemy soldiers.

You can see how the game plays out with the 30 second trailer below.

As you can see, it’s not all just shooting incessantly at baddies. There is a preparation phase, an intel phase, and then the moment of truth where you put your skills to use.

Some gamers were asking if you use only one or two hands to hold the sniper rifles, and it looks like you’ll need two hands: one on the trigger and the other to make adjustments to the scope or stabilize the gun.

A lot of games these days have tried veering away from terrorist storylines in order to appease Leftists who want to welcome terrorists into first-world countries as part of their “wokenism”, but normal people aren’t so inclined to allow trucks of peace to disrupt their day, or want to deal with machetes of kindness while taking a stroll on the beach, or hhave explosive-vests of diplomacy ruin their afternoon.

For people inclined to take out a little bit of that aggression in a simulated environment, Sniper Rust VR is a game that will allow you to exact balance through the scope of justice using no other verdict than the one passed down through a 7.62mm cartridge.

You can learn more about Sniper Rust VR by visiting the Steam store page. There’s also a free demo available for those who may want to try it out for themselves.

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