SOMA Now Available On Xbox One With Safe Mode
Soma Safe Mode
(Last Updated On: December 2, 2017)

Frictional Games sent out word that SOMA and the “Safe Mode” is now available on the Xbox One. The “Safe Mode” has also become available for PC gamers as well, giving them an opportunity to play through the underwater, futuristic horror game without having to worry about dying.

Yes, the “Safe Mode” could very well be summed up as “Game Journalist Mode”, since it makes it easy for people to play through SOMA without the challenge of actually dying. In fact, you can no longer die because the threats have all been removed from the game. You can explore at your own leisure and at your pace and not have to worry about getting cornered and killed.

The funny part about it is that despite the big promotion about the Xbox One release containing the safe mode, the trailer goes in the complete opposite direction by showcasing all of the unsafe monsters that would hunt you, harass you, and harm you at a moment’s notice. Check it out below.

After a short intro sequence, players will spend the majority of the game in the Pathos-II underwater submerged science station. The place contains several facilities you’ll have to visit in hopes of getting out safely.

The game doesn’t hold back on giving gamers a rather disturbing view of what it’s like to delve into the philosophy of consciousness and the discussions of ontology.

Without giving anything away, SOMA challenges players with some uncompromising situations about being in the now. As trite as that platitude sounds, it completely changes the shape of the situation when it’s not just life or death, but also fighting to avoid being assimilated by disturbing techno-monsters that are growing up and around the facility like a fungus.

The game isn’t much about fighting or combating your pursuers, but mostly focusing on using the environment as a weapon or as a means to getaway from the robotic monstrosities.

You can pick up a copy of SOMA right now for the Xbox One or PC, and get a taste of the new “Safe Mode”. If all you’re stuck with is a PS4, you can look to get your hands on the game soon when it arrives on Sony’s system at a later date.

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