Soul Saga, Love-Letter To JRPGs Preps For Steam Release
Soul Saga

DisasterCake’s Kickstarted role-playing game, Soul Saga, is an old-school inspired love-letter to the classic JRPGs from the late 1990s and early 2000s. The game features PS2-style graphics and a fantasy-oriented story about a group of heroes who must travel through the floating isles in order to find a way to save their home world from becoming engulfed by the rising cataclysm.

Players take on the role of a guild master and his fellow friends that he picks up along the way, as they attempt to find a way to restore peace and balance to the floating isles of Medonia. The magic keeping the islands in the air is waning, and an evil force is re-emerging. Players will use a mysterious sword and a growing cache of alchemy to defeat the enemies, board an airship and journey through a mysterious passage known as Cloud’s End in order to save the world.

The premise is classic JRPG fanfare, and anyone who has been a fan of the coming-of-age adventure tales from decades ago will likely find themselves enraptured by the likes of Soul Saga.

A while back there were videos popping up of the latest beta version of the game, indicating that the game was still moving along through development after four years of hard work. You can check out one of the videos from YouTuber Roydical.

The crowdfunded title is slowly building up hype leading up towards its release.

The gameplay is very reminiscent of classical PSX and PS2 JRPGs, with a matching soundtrack to boot.

The final game will have various difficulties, classic turn-based combat, and the ability to synthesize and create your own alchemy.

To further add to the gameplay layers, there is also real-time airship combat. This will likely get fans of Skies of Arcadia all moist where they’re usually quite dry.

The last major update came back in August of 2017, but the Steam store page was updated recently with the “Coming Soon” moniker. So it’s possible (and likely) that the game could make its way to PC gamers at some point in the first half of 2018.

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