Sparkle Unleashed Arrives On Nintendo Switch Dec 25th For $7.99
Sparkle Unleashed

10tons announced that Sparkle Unleashed is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch starting December 25th at the end of the month for $7.99.

The developers announced that after Sparkle 2 sold several thousand copies on the Switch as one of the first marble blasting puzzle games, they decided to re-release Sparkle Unleashed for the Switch for those of you who wanted to play a puzzle title either at home to relax, or while on the go during those hectic commuting hours.

10Tons explains that the difference between Sparkle 2 and Sparkle Unleashed was that they received lots of feedback after Sparkle 2 launched back in 2013, with requests from gamers asking if the launcher at the bottom of the screen could move left and right much like Luxor. 10tons obliged.

Gamers didn’t demand for some sort of social justice feature to be added or removed, but instead wanted something implemented that actually improved the gameplay, which is great that 10tons listened to that kind of feedback. If you’re curious how Sparkle Unleashed plays out, there’s a trailer below.

Essentially the game combines the ability to move left and right at the bottom of the screen like Luxor but it has the ability to rotate around like Zuma. 10tons attempted to combine the best of both worlds together. Whether or not that’s something puzzle fans who own a Nintendo Switch will crave remains to be seen, but the option to play Sparkle Unleashed will be made available at the end of the month if you had intentions on buying it as a Christmas gift for someone.

10tons has a handful of other titles also available on the Switch, so if you were also interested in top-shooters or rogue-likes, they’re there, too.

For $7.99 the price isn’t too bad, assuming you like puzzle games like Zuma and you need more zen in your life.


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