Sparkle Unleashed, Zuma-Style Puzzle Game Now Available On Nintendo Switch
Sparkle Unleashed Nintendo Switch

If you needed a last minute Christmas gift for your kid, your loved one, your neighbor, your friend, your coworker, your boss, your stripper friend you didn’t tell your wife about, your mistress that only your prepubescent son found out about because you mistakenly forgot to delete the image from your phone and he copped a look while you were taking him to school, then 10tons’ Sparkle Unleashed might not be a bad gift to give.

The puzzle-oriented game hearkens back to the classics like Zuma and Luxor, and has arrived just in time for Christmas. The game is only $7.99, and it features a bevy of levels where you must use the shooter to break the marbles in order to complete the level.

After the original Sparkle 2, gamers requested that 10Tons make it where the control device that you used could not only swivel but also move left and right, similar to Zuma, which was hugely popular way back in the day when the Xbox Live Arcade was just getting off the ground and indie games were making a resurgence in the mainstream space.

Not only did 10Tons design the game to tap into the Luxor style of gameplay, but they also wanted to do something a little bit different with Sparkle Unleashed by mixing and matching the gameplay types, such as including special orbs, and chained orbs, and other unique power-ups.

They also made some changes to the way the game plays out in terms of the meta. For instance, screen space has been modified so corner shots are a little less problematic compared to what they were in Sparkle 2, allowing you to shoot corner to corner without any problems. There’s also been refinement when it comes to the controls, so that you can use the Joy-Cons, the gamepad or the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen controls when you’re playing on the go.

They also tweaked the Nightmare difficulty on the Switch to account for the different control schemes, and according to the press release they wanted to have stat tracking made available to see how many people could defeat the Nightmare difficulty, but at the moment Nintendo doesn’t have achievements.

Anyway, if you were in the mood for a Zuma-style puzzle game, Sparkle Unleashed is available right now for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop.


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