Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Trailer Leaves Non-Comic Fans Confused
Spider Man Into the Spider Verse

Sony Animation is working on a new Spider-Man movie called Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. It follows a character in an alternate universe named Miles Morales, who encounters other super-powered heroes/villains with Spider-Man’s abilities after Peter Parker died.

The trailer is a little under a minute and a half, and it features a young Morales in a hoody hanging out in New York City, clinging to buildings, and having a tough time web-slinging. You can check out the trailer below.

On Twitter, social media, and comic book resource outlets, fans of the comic books were pretty excited about the new animated film.

Fans of Spider-Man the brand – but not necessarily fans of the comic books – were left decidedly confused about why Spider-Man was black.

It’s hard to gauge what non-comic book fans think about the new trailer given that so many major websites have disabled their comment sections. So unfortunately it’s tough to tell what the average person thinks about the trailer, but there seems to be the diehard fans and the non-comic book fans that are somewhat at odds with each other.

The comment sections on channels aimed at normies requires some long-time fans to explain who Miles Morales is.

Of course, this doesn’t discount from the possibility that Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse could actually be SJW propaganda.

There will be other Spider characters featured in the film, but it will be themed around Miles Morales, so there’s no telling the route they’ll go with depicting the character.

Spider Man Into The Spider-Verse - Air Jordans

Sony ended up getting trashed pretty badly over how they handled the 2016 Ghostbusters re-sequel.

On the upside, at least we know that the artists who worked on the environments and backgrounds weren’t diversity hires, but people who actually have artistic talent. There’s a lot of character in the atmosphere and small details in the environment that really helps it stand out. It feels like it takes place in the heart of New York City.

Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse - Subway

The cinematography is also very interesting because the director of photography chose a lot of angles that makes Morales look small and as an accessory to a much larger character that is New York City.

He’s oftentimes at the corner or edge of the screen when the traits of the metropolis are put front and center in the frame. If the writing is smart and it plays on Morales feeling inadequate or overwhelmed, the scenic framing could play a big part in that part of his character development (assuming they go that route).

In the few shots where Morales takes center stage, there’s very little noise in the background, and the city seems to shrink from view.

Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse - Miles Morales

Some people like the 3D stop-animation techniques, while others weren’t so fond of it. The real challenge will be with the story, of course. If Sony keeps up their SJWism then it doesn’t matter how good the animations are or how detailed the backgrounds are, they’ll not only push the few remaining Marvel fans away, but they’ll also continue to push normies away, too.


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