Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Download Available For All Backers, Features 3 Million Km To Explore
Star Citizen
(Last Updated On: December 23, 2017)

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries recently informed the backers of Star Citizen that alpha 3.0.0 is now currently available for all backers to download through the new and improved patcher.

The giantic alpha build has moved out into the player test universe for more than just select backers and more than just the Evocati testers. CIG and Foundry 42 have been hard at work cutting down and cutting out as many of the bugs inhibiting the game from being pushed out to the public, and have managed to do so before 2018 rolled in. Alpha 3.0, however, is about three months behind the original schedule of being up and out at some point in September.

Blues spotted the news from a post over on the RSI forums, where Will Leverett informed the community that you’ll need to download the all new RSI 1.0.0 PTU 31 setup installer, along with removing the old public test realm files from your folder.

You’ll also have to copy over your RSI account into the PTU by using the new RSI account copy portal.

Additionally, you’ll receive a temporary PTU password to access the new 3.0.0 public backer version.

Alpha 3.0.0 features a lot of the stuff they talked about in previous ATV episodes, including the breathing, stamina and heart rate, so that your movements will be bound to how much stamina you have, and how much oxygen you have. You can expend oxygen in space just by performing basic actions. Your stamina will recharge over time, but your oxygen will need resupplies from oxygen stations.

The new Item 2.0 infrastructure has been implemented, along with the wound and injury system, and all of the other ins and outs of traveling through space, such as planetary motion, procedurally generated outposts based on hand-made prefabricated installations, explorable planetary surfaces, persistence, and air traffic controllers.

The game is slowly starting to shape into what was pitched during the Kickstarter phase, and it’s quite amazing to see how all those systems that have been documented over the last five years have paid off.

You can learn more by visiting the RSI changelog page to see all of what’s contained wihtin the PTU release of 3.0.0.

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