Succubus Rem 18+ Uncensored Patch Available For Download
Succubus Rem

SakuraGame’s RPG Maker-style, indie-RPG, Succubus Rem, came out on December 19th, just ahead of the big Christmas celebrations and subsequent New Year’s parties. Well, if you’re stuck partying alone, don’t worry… there’s always a friend in your right hand thanks to the 18+ uncensored patch being made available to download for Succubus Rem.

You can download the 18+ H-patch from the 4Shared link.

If the link doesn’t work you can also download the uncensored patch from

Succubus Rem - Stats

It’s advised you run a virus scan on the file and clean it first before unzipping the contents. For some reason the file may have been laced with a potential virus on all the Chinese download sites.

Nevertheless, if you open the file, all the contents are there. After you run a virus scan and clean it up, extract all the image files to the Succubus Remwwwimg directory and overwrite the existing files in the directory.

Additionally, there’s a new English patch available for you to download from

The English patch clocks in at just over 350mb. So you’ll need a bit of space available to grab the English patch for Succubus Rem.

The game itself is receiving lots of positive feedback for essentially being a game that’s so bad it’s good.

You play as Rem, a succubus who wants to become the most fearsome devil in the world. She attempts to suck the life out of all the young men she can after hatching as a young succubus.

The game has a combat system and isn’t very long. However, it’s filled with a nice good ‘ole lewd look at Rem. Every time you get into combat you’ll see the images.
There are also some other characters you’ll encounter along the way, giving you some additional lewdy material to keep you company (and warm in all the right places) throughout the festive holiday season.

However, with the additional H-patch you’ll be able to see the CG images that the developers completely removed from the game after Valve had them to censor the content. Every since the Republican-backed Christian censor group known as the NCSE came down on Valve, the company has been enforcing their rules on devs and removing lewd images from the screenshot sections, removing links to 18+ patches, and forcing devs not to talk about the uncensored patches.

The game is said to have translations so bad that it’s hilarious, so if you enjoy that kind of thing you can grab a digital copy of Succubus Rem right now from the Steam store for only $1.99.


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