Super Meat Boy Launches On Nintendo Switch Jan 11th, 2018 With New Race Mode
Super Meat Boy Nintendo Switch

Edmund McMillen sent out word that beginning January 11th, 2018 those of you who bought a Nintendo Switch after you saved up your pennies, put your dimes away in your dollar store piggy banks, and tucked away your dollars under the bed from your alcoholic father who needed a few extra bucks to give Trixie for her silicone butt implants down at the local Beaver Hole strip joint, will be rewarded graciously for your patience with the digital release of Super Meat Boy.

Team Meat’s simple teaser through a tenaciously teasing tweet sent small shock waves through the social media community when they not only revealed the release date for the Nintendo Switch version, but also detailed that Switch owners will gain access to an exclusive new Race Mode. It was something that the developers wanted to implement since seven years ago, but it didn’t come into fruition until recently.

Hilariously enough, people aren’t necessarily excited that Super Meat Boy is coming to the Switch as a digital-only release, they’re excited if the game comes to the Switch as a physical release.

I think in a way it makes sense that a lot of gamers like the physical availability of games, especially on cartridge (no matter how small they are) because it’s something that sticks with you and doesn’t die when the servers die.

Too many games that are digital-only are at the mercy of the digital distributor, and when something stupid happens then you can kiss your game goodbye. A couple of games have been zapped from digital libraries over the years, such as Order of War (among others), as reported by

Pricing details haven’t been revealed for Super Meat Boy on the Nintendo Switch, but I imagine they’ll be coming soon given that the game is just weeks away from releasing on the Nintendo eShop.

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