Superhot: Mind Control Delete Download Available Via Steam Early Access
Superhot Mind Control Delete
(Last Updated On: December 8, 2017)

The Superhot Team announced that the standalone expansion, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, is currently available right now for download as a Steam Early Access title. The developers plan to spend the next nine to 12 months working on the game and iterating the features leading up to its full release.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is a standalone expansion based on the original Superhot. You can get the new game for only $11.99, and it features a rogue-like twist based on the concepts of the first game.

Players will be in control of multiple characters this time around, upgrading and enhancing their abilities through a series of increasingly challenging levels. The A.I., will get smarter, stronger, more cunning, and more tactical as the levels progress. The team also implemented new animations and A.I., systems that also includes new weapons, abilities and enemy types.

A teaser trailer for the new standalone expansion was released, which you can check out below.

The original concept of the game was that time only moves when you move. The first outing of the game was quite popular, but surprisingly the Superhot VR release was actually even better than the original release.

The new game includes a new power-up store where you can purchase upgrades as you progress, along with new procedurally generated gameplay loops and mechanics.

The Early Access page warns, however, that the game’s story is not fully implemented in the Early Access version, and the advanced power-ups and some of the new enemy types aren’t enabled either.

The menu mini-games haven’t been completed either, so you’ll have to wait for those. On the upside, the store page mentions that the mini-games will be coming soon, though.

Also, if you already own Superhot you’ll receive Mind Control Delete for free as an expansion once it’s complete. If you can’t wait, though, you can pick up the Early Access version right now from over on the Steam store.


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