Sword Legacy: Omen Trailer Previews Violent Factions And Locations
Sword Legacy: Omen

Team17 released a new trailer for the upcoming turn-based strategy game, Sword Legacy: Omen, from Firecast Studio. The game is being called a “candlepunk” adventure set within the realm of Broken Britannia. The in-game world has become broken and fractured to the point that a rag-tag band of self-appointed heroes will attempt to restore order by seeking out Excalibur.

The latest trailer showcases some of the regions you’ll visit along your journey, and some of the challenges you’ll face along the way.

The trailer is a mix of cinematics and in-game play, which you can check out below.

The trailer highlights some of the turn-based combat, as players will trek across the map to different regions where various factions will either welcome you with open arms, express reservation at your presence, or attempt to outright kill you.

The dialogue between the characters doesn’t reveal if there are multiple choices that will determine whether or not they can be swayed toward or against you, but we see that there are humans and fantasy creatures alike that you’ll encounter.

In the press release they reveal that there are five regions you’ll visit in total, having to fight and survive various encounters along the route to each location.

Players start in Mercia, and will journey through the grueling and infamous winters of Northumbria, and from there move toward Anglia, and then Kent, and finally Wessex. The Wessex region seems interesting given that it’s governed by the Duke Gorlois who attempts to wield forbidden magic and alchemical supremacy using the dark arts.

The game is due for release in early 2018 for PC. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.


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