Tayutama 2, Bishoujo Visual Novel Launching Soon In English
Tayutama 2

Hikari Field and Lump of Sugar have been working around the clock to finish up the English version of Tayutama 2, which is set to debut on Steam at some point before the year’s end. There aren’t many days left in December before we head into 2018, but back in November the developers had acknowledged that the game was coming to Steam soon.

In the post, the team explains that they started with the Unity engine but then switched over to their own engine so they could make the kind of visual novel that they wanted. They still managed to include Steam Achievements and Steam Cloud support, though.

The English version will also contain joystick and gamepad support so you can move through the screens and options menu without a keyboard and mouse, along with UHD support for those of you out there rocking 4K monitors or television. One of the biggest hurdles they’ve been working on overcoming is the Chinese version bug that had given them some tough problems due to technical limitations, but after switching engines they seem to have been able to solve this problem.

Tayutama 2 - Kohaku

The visual novel itself is a Bishoujo themed tale centered around cat girls. And we all know that cat girls are extremely popular, especially if the Neko Para series is anything to go by.

The story centers around the world of Humans and Tayutais, as their cultures intertwine and a bunch of cute catgirls invade the land. As is typical with most romance VNs, players will follow the story that picks up 50 years after the original Tayutama, where it follows what’s been going on with Mashiro Mito along with the developments of what’s been going on with other cat girls.

No price has been set yet for the english version of Tayutama 2, but you can keep an eye on the Steam store page for further updates on when the VN will drop.


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