Trailmakers, Build-And-Race Indie To Hit Steam Early Access January 31st, 2018

Flashbulb is both the publisher and developer over the upcoming indie racing game Trailmakers. The devs recently announced both an Early Access demo date and an official release date for Trailmakers for PC via Steam Early Access.

On the surface, Trailmakers is a racing game where players participate in the most demanding motor expedition in the universe. You the player and your friends must build your own vehicles to traverse dangerous wastelands and different areas.

That’s right, you can either play by yourself or with friends to explore, crash, build better rigs or travel as far/fast as possible to find rare parts.

If that sounds like fun, the devs announced over on TrailmakersSteam page that its original Q4 2017 release date has been pushed to January 31st, 2018. Before the game hits the digital scene there will be a January 11th open weekend event that will end on January 14th.

This move by Flashbulb (the pubs and devs behind the game) allows anyone to join in and see whether or not its a game worth paying for or skipping before it drops on Steam Early Access.

You can check out the latest announcement trailer showing Trailmakers, which offers a nice idea on what can be created in the world filled with animals and other strange things.

As for joining the open weekend, you will need to get invited by signing up on the dev team’s official website.

This game was originally posted up on Steam Greenlight and successfully made it through the voting process. On its Greenlight page it explains that the game will support mods by community members to further increase longevity in Trailmakers lifespan.

Finally, you can follow the development of Trailmakers by hitting up or you can wait for the racing game to drop on Early Access when January 31st, 2018 rolls around.


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