Twitter Bans BroTeamPill For Allegedly Posting Violent Threats
BroTeamPill Suspended

On December 2nd, 2017 BroTeamPill was suspended from Twitter. Some question if it’s a temporary suspension or a permanent one. According to Twitter user TrendMovie, there may be a lot more to the story than meets the eye.

TrendMovie tweeted an image of BroTeamPill’s suspension notice from Twitter.

Twitter does not state or direct anyone to the tweets that supposedly resulted in BroTeamPill’s suspension.

In a blog post over on, they wrote about BroTeamPill (a.k.a., Sean) suspension and put postulated about the reasons why, writing…

“I feel disgusted to be on a platform where the management would protect sex offenders in order to protect their own service. There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that Sean reported on the wrong person, and that is why he is now suspended from using Twitter’s services.”

Factually, we don’t know exactly why BroTeamPill was suspended.

As mentioned in the post, BroTeamPill had been gunning heavy on sex pests and alleged anti-#GamerGate individuals involved with alleged sexual misconduct, exposing them and mocking them to his thousands of followers.

He had been around since the early days of #GamerGate, making light of some of the darker elements of the movement, and trolling Social Justice Warriors much to their chagrin.

BroTeamPill was also known for hosting live-streams, getting drunk and generally being carefree. However, some believe that his activism in broadcasting sex pests being outed, and his alleged attempt at bringing down a supposed pedophile may have been a line that he crossed for which Twitter’s moderation team was unwilling to let stand.

While the suspension notice claims that he was suspended for threats of violence, there is no information right now other than that many suspect the ban happened because he was attempting to out a pedophile.

This isn’t the first time that Twitter has swiftly banned users for outing pedophiles or pedophile rings. Last year, during the rise of #PizzaGate, another event happened at the exact same time called TwitterGate, where hackers had managed to expose pedophile rings on Twitter. Twitter quickly had the users banned and the search terms wiped, and the trend removed from the tab. While the citizen investigators on the then active #PizzaGate sub-Reddit began combing through the 24,000 names and locations that the hackers exposed, Reddit had the #PizzaGate sub permanently shut down to prevent them from further cross-referencing the information uncovered, and YouTube began having #PizzaGate videos removed in order to suppress discussion.


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