Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn Gameplay Walkthrough
(Last Updated On: December 7, 2017)

Angry Demon Studio’s Swedish-based horror game, Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn has made its way onto the Steam store for PC gamers. The budget-priced horror title takes gamers through some creepy forests, not-so-abandoned caves, and dark cabins in a journey into the horrors of old Northern European folklore. For gamers in need of a walkthrough guide for Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn, there’s one available.

YouTuber Gamer Girl Gab has a full playthrough of the game from start to finish. It clocks in at only two and a half hours. You can check out the video walkthrough below.

The ‘X’ button on the controller, or ‘E’ on the keyboard, will allow you to perform certain actions. Use the W,A,S,D, on the keyboard to move around or the left analog to move.

After the opening cinematic where you kick your brother in the head and crash the car after he ties you up and kidnaps you, you’ll then have to follow your brother through the woods after the hentai-plot-gone-wrong leaves the brother and sister duo traveling out in the woods alone.

Remember to stay close to to your brother, until you reach a knapsack and an item on a tree stump. Take the item.

Continue through the forest behind your brother, across the tree, up the hill, over the tree, and then eventually down the side of the mountain.

After you encounter the maggot-filled deer, move across the river and you’ll get separated from your brother.

Press ‘A’ on the controller or ‘Space’ on the Keyboard to jump across the log and get to the other side.

When you reach the other side you’ll see your brother’s light but you won’t be able to reach him. Head across the marsh and outrun the bug-specter.

Reach the cabin and there will be be a puzzle you have to solve. Head into the cabin and grab the item off the plate. You can also examine the other contents on the table if you want.

Place the fuse inside the breaker box and then turn the two nobs so there are two ‘X’s at the top and one ‘O’ at the bottom.

If you do it correctly the lights to the car will turn on.

Go inside the tram box and flip the lever in the far corner of the box to travel across the marsh.

Move down the pathway past the rock structure and across the train tracks. Inside the tunnel a giant troll arm will reach out towards you. Get out of the cave and run across the tracks.

If you hear the troll stomping in the distance, hide behind the tracks to avoid being spotted. Follow the train signals until you can follow them no more. There’s a gulch you can move through that will lead you back to the track signals.

The tracks will come to the end at a riverbank. Move along the bank’s edge to get back to the proper path after sliding down the hill.

There’s a sign that reads “Helberg”. Continue through that pathway until you reach a field of water towers.

There’s a radio sending a signal beneath one of the towers. Move toward the end of the field and you’ll encounter another marsh with some green water sprites floating above the surface.

Some planks across the water’s surface will enable you to move safely to the other side.

There’s a valley of sounds – run through the valley and you’ll encounter your bald-headed brother on the other side.

Follow your brother across the field and into the cave.

Outside of the cave the two will have to outrun the troll, but your brother won’t make it. You can either attempt to help him or smash his head in with a rock.

Explore the houses in the village.

Follow the signs about a phone and enter into the barn. The phone does not work.

On the table inside the barn is a book of matches. Take them. Use the right trigger to light the matches or the left trigger to extinguish the matches.

After you take the matches the phone will ring. Pick it up and he will tell you to make your way toward the light.

Take the matches to a tree by the Helberg sign – its hands will be cupped. Place one of the matches in the tree’s hands and it will open the gate for you.

You can further examine the houses and then follow the voices toward the talking trees. The trees will lead you toward a few other places on the map, including the Smed, where you’ll need to take the belt hanging on the wall.

Go into the cabin with the writings on the wall and there’s a page on the ground beneath the books.

Go into the storage area just next to the rest stop. You won’t be able to get into one of the cabin storage cabins because two talking trees will be blocking the door. The cabin next to that will be open and inside you’ll find more matches.

Make your way to the bridge, where there are some more matches.

Pump the gas on the side of the generator after you put the belt on the generator. Flip the lever to start the engine and then pump the handle again to keep the motor running. Once the generator is properly running, pull the switch to lower the bridge and cross over to the next side.

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