In The Valley Of Gods Trailer Comments Disabled By Campo Santo Due To Backlash
In The Valley of Gods

Campo Santo decided to pick a fight with PewDiePie earlier in the year, attempting to use the power of DMCAs to damage his YouTube channel and prevent him from playing any of their games. Obviously, PewDiePie is a lot more popular and has more industry clout than Campo Santo, and his followers did not appreciate a developer using their powers in an attempt to silence a content creator because they disagreed with some of his language. Well, when Campo Santo unveiled their newest game, In The Valley of Gods, they quickly disabled the comments to avoid the backlash from the community.

Gamers have still been downvoting the trailer even though they are unable to comment on the trailer.

The trailer originally debuted at this year’s The Game Awards, featuring presumably two black lesbians going on a photographic adventure in Egypt.

Other channels have been uploading videos and some of the commenters are making it known that they are not interested in the title due to what Campo Santo attempted to do to PewDiePie.

Other commenters were just uninterested in a game that seemed to continue the typical “diversity” agenda being pushed by some developers.

Of course, beyond the diversity issue and angry PewDiePie fans who have noped out of anything to do with the studio, Campo Santo also has to deal with gamers who aren’t interested in walking simulators.

Now there are people praising the game and stating their excitement, but there seems to be a larger contingent of different gamers not interested in Campo Santo’s title based on the general feedback so far.

I’m sure the game will be promoted to the high-heavens in most SJW circles, but outside of that it appears they may have an uphill struggle ahead of them. Even SJWs who may not have agreed with Campo Santo abusing the DMCA procedure in order to get back at PewDiePie might also work against them.

Silencing the voices of dissenters and attempting to suffocate the backlash from the community won’t bode well for Campo Santo’s marketing. Nevertheless, they have up until 2019 to get things sorted, which is when In The Valley of Gods is scheduled to release.


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