Vice Fires Three More Employees For Sexual Misconduct, Refuses To Name Them

Vice Firing

The anti-#GamerGate media outlet, Vice, has been subject to its own form of an ethics enema. It turns out that after broadly labeling gamers as sexists, misogynists and harassers, Vice’s own culture was rife with sexists, misogynists, abusers, assaulters, harassers and alleged rapists. In fact, three more of Vice’s own staff members have been fired for sexual misconduct after the new human resources manager was put into place to weed out all the sexual wrongdoing allegedly taking place within the Vice offices.

CNN is reporting that three of the staff were fired for verbal and physical sexual harassment, according to the new global human resource officer, Susan Tohyama.

According to Tohyama, who is part of the new initiative to turn Vice’s culture around after the formation of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, the firings are part of a new “zero tolerance” policy being exhibited at the media giant. Tohyama stated in the memo to employees…

“I know a few people have asked for specifics concerning both the complaints and the discipline we have taken. I believe the confidentiality of the process is necessary to protect all those who wish to bring allegations to me and to create a fair, safe and inclusive environment for all employees.”

The firings came after a handful of reported complaints.

These three join the likes of Sam Kriss, Michael Hafford, and Jason Mojica, who have also come under reprimand from the higher ups for sexual misconduct.

Given that the individuals were unnamed, it’s not possible to verify right now if those who committed the alleged acts were anti-#GamerGate journalists like some of Vice’s other fired staff. However, based on reports from previous female employees, there were claims that Vice’s entire culture was centered around sexual harassment.

The company has attempted to quietly remove the so-called problematic members from staff to avoid further public embarrassment, especially given that they were one of the most vocal, anti-#GamerGate, pro-feminist websites out there, but it turns out that their culture fosters the kind of harassment and assault for which they accused #GamerGate.

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