Vice Media President Andrew Creighton Settled Sexual Harassment Suit For $135,000
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Vice settled a sexual harassment case back in 2016 for $135,000, which involved Vice’s president, Andrew Creighton. The settlement came after allegations were made that Creighton fired a female employee when she rejected his sexual advances.

The New York Times published an article on December 23rd, 2017, detailing a history of sexual misconduct taking place at Vice, which was one of the main websites that attacked and mislabeled #GamerGate as a harassment campaign since 2014. The article stated…

“The settlement involving Vice’s president, Andrew Creighton, was struck in 2016, when Mr. Creighton, 45, paid $135,000 to a former employee who claimed that she was fired after she rejected an intimate relationship with him, according to people briefed on the matter and documents viewed by The Times. The woman declined to comment and asked that she not to be identified to protect her privacy.”

Vice originally claimed that she was fired for poor performance and that she pursued a sexual relationship with Creighton. However, the claimant stated that Creighton had pressured her with advances between 2013 and 2015, and that she was fired shortly after rejecting him.

The dispute was settled back in December, 2016 after the case was taken to the United States Equal Opportunity Commission. The case never moved beyond the initial filing at USEOC after the settlement was reached.

Creighton later showed remorse for the situation, stating…

“I apologize for the situation, and it has caused much thought in my responsibilities of care for my colleagues, and I will hold myself and others accountable in constructing a respectful workplace environment.”

There have been multiple settlements over the years involving Vice and its male employees engaged in alleged sexual misconduct.

Just recently the company fired three of its employees for sexual misconduct.

Before firing the three employees, several other Vice employees were also suspended or fired, including Vice’s documentary producer Jason Mojica.

And before that, Vice had to fire Sam Kriss following multiple allegations of sexual abuse and rape.

The real kicker? Sam Kriss was one of Vice’s biggest critics of #GamerGate’s.

Like many other journalists who ridiculed and attacked #GamerGate, Kriss eventually found himself on the wrong side of sexual harassment allegations and was fired, kicked out of the Labour Party and reproached by a British MP.

Vice, Vox and Gawker attempted to paint #GamerGate as a harassment campaign, despite the consumer revolt being an attack on unethical media outlets and a grassroots movement to make the media industry more ethical. #GamerGate was mostly successful in getting disclosure policies updated, as well as working with the FTC to enforce endorsement guidelines for YouTubers and game reviewers, as reported by

What’s more, is that despite the Wikipedia entry for #GamerGate solely focused on sexism and harassment, out of the 218 sources cited in the entry, Vice is used multiple times, despite the fact that the company now has an established reputation of being a sexist lair of perversion, harassment, and abuse.

Vice responded to the New York Times piece by sending over a statement on December 23rd, 2017 indicating that they would be removing the non-traditional workplace agreement, as well as instituting pay parity in 2018, and more training programs to help curb the rampant sexual harassment fostered in Vice’s workplace culture.

In the statement to the New York Times, co-founder and CEO, Shane Smith, and co-founder Suroosh Alvi, wrote…

“[…] Listening to our employees over the past year, the truth is inescapable: from the top down, we have failed as a company to create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone, especially women, can feel respected and thrive. Cultural elements from our past, dysfunction and mismanagement were allowed to flourish unchecked. That includes a detrimental “boy’s club” culture that fostered inappropriate behavior that permeated throughout the company. It happened on our watch, and ultimately we let far too many people down. We are truly sorry for this. […]


“[…] We can no longer be a part of the problem – particularly if, as journalists and storytellers, we want to investigate and cover the many injustices in the world today. […]”

It’s quite telling when some of #GamerGate’s biggest detractors have been systematically accused of, suspended, fired, arrested, pleaded guilty to, or convicted of the very things for which they accused the consumer revolt.


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