Vindictus Updated With Sexy New Draker Hero, Miri
Vindictus Miri

Nexon announced that they have a new playable hero in the game named Miri. She’s a Draker and part of an ancestry that grants her powers from a mighty dragons.

Miri uses a Dragonspire as her main weapon, and also has an array of deadly skills and strikes she can unleash on her foes, including Flamebreath, which can unleash dragon flames on enemies.

Additionally, she can chain-link specials from the Flamebreath into other moves, such as using a dart-attack called Hot Streak, and Slice and Dice that allows her to consume Flamebreath by unleashing a massive charge attack.

Miri has a projectile fireball she can use, along with being able to utilize Dragon Knight transformation to deal out massive damage.

You can check out Miri’s skills and abilities in the trailer below.

The cinematic sets up how the character can fight in battle and some of her abilities.

Obviously Miri can fight with a lot more panache and skill than what you see in the cinematic. In fact, YouTuber Rendermax put together a nine minute video showcasing how Miri can handle from level 10 all the way up to level 70. You can see how her Dragonspire improves over time, as well as her new abilities that she can unlock and how she can quickly get around the arena and kill enemies using her wide-sweeping attacks and combos.

It still amazes me that seven years on and Vindictus still looks really good. It obviously lacks the PBR of newer game and doesn’t have global illumination since that wasn’t made available in the Unreal Engine until the Unreal Engine 4 came about, but it still has some quality-made character meshes and smooth animations.

The Unreal Engine-powered hack-and-slash MMO was one of the early games to usher in the instanced-based non-targeting era of online multiplayer RPGs.

I doubt Nexon would invest in upgrading the visual effects for Vindictus but it would really add some much needed flair to the game to help it compete with today’s generation of games, especially since the actual gameplay still holds up quite well.

Anyway, you can learn more about Vindictus or start playing as Miri the Draker right now by visiting the official Vindictus website.


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