Vivi, Sexy VR Assistant App Pulled After SJW Media Tries To Paint It As Sexist
IQiyi ViVi

IQiyi pulled their sexy virtual AI assistant, Vivi, from out of circulation on app portals after complaints of sexism arose. While actual users loved Vivi and her flirtatious personality, sexy outfits, sexy dancing, and constant requests for love and adoration, apparently SJWs who are against the rise of sexy VR assistants have convinced iQiyi into pulling the project… for now.

According to an article published on December 14th, 2017 on the South China Morning Post, iQiyi pulled the app and issued the following statement…

“The earlier version of the product was a beta test designed to gather user feedback,” “We’d like to make an apology for the concerns it might have raised.”

This wasn’t actually true.

According to the Daily Mail, the app was pulled after The Wall Street Journal ran a piece on iQiyi’s VR assistant, and posed the VR app as a possible projection of women being viewed as sexual objects.

Given the conservative nature of many Chinese and Japanese corporations, iQiyi quickly pulled the app directly after the piece started generating the sort of reactions one would expect.

The Wall Street Journal Article even opens with the line…

“A Chinese tech company pulled offline a virtual-reality avatar depicted as a flirtatious secretary in revealing clothes, hours after The Wall Street Journal asked whether such depictions encourage a view of women as sexual objects in the workplace.”

The Wall Street Journal makes the leap to the #MeToo hashtag campaign and tries to segue the connection between sexy VR AI applications and sexual perverts such as the disgraced Harvey Weinstein. The article attempts to paint the VR app as a potential influence for sexual harassment in the workplace by correlating Vivi with the reset deluge of sexual misconduct cases.

IQiyi was having none of it and pulled the app before SJWs could rally and start attacking the company.

The real kicker here is that Vivi has peen part of iQiyi’s VR app service since back in March, 2017. According to SCMP, the app was designed to entice lonely men who were also tech enthusiasts…

“iQiyi, the Netflix-style video streaming service in China, came up with the idea of a virtual girlfriend in the headset as part of a strategy to entice 18-to-35 year-old male users. More than 90 per cent of its headset users are men, according to Li Xing, a product director at iQiyi’s virtual reality unit.”

According to reports, Vivi received nothing but praise from those who actually used the app. They found it enticing and entertaining. Some hoped that iQiyi would improve the AI functionality so that she had more responses and better adaptive voice recognition. The reviews were glowing and engagement was high… among men.

Sohu had reported that the assistant could be used to tell the weather, ask and learn about various subjects from the user, as well as dress up in various clothes and dance sexily. Japan has a similar AI device, but it’s designed with far less sex appeal and relies on a holographic display unit instead of a typical head-mounted VR display.

Unfortunately, SJWs in Western media are now intent on taking away enjoyment and pleasure even from Asian men on the other side of the world.

According to SCMP, Vivi may make a return once it’s out of “beta”. Of course, there’s no telling how long the mysterious “beta” will last.

More than likely iQiyi will wait for the furor to die down and re-launch Vivi under a different name to avoid Social Justice Warrior media outlets from attempting to paint their company as sexist or misogynist, something that Western media attempted to do to Koei Tecmo, which is why they never released Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in the West.


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