Weekly Recap Dec 23rd: Marvel’s SJW Comics Coming To End, SJWs Hound Ivy
Weekly Recap Dec 23rd 2017

Even though we all hoped that the influence of Social Justice Warriors would wane throughout 2017, it’s proven to be a much tougher job getting them out of the various comic, movie, and video game industry than anyone would have suspected. They’re like a growing splodge of mold hanging from the corner of a wall, wearing flannel and problem glasses, and making annoying “rheeeing” sounds whenever you attempt to watch or do something fun.

Thankfully, it appears as if some companies realize that all this SJWism is doing nothing but harming the bottom line, so it’s going to kaput. That’s right, the new editor-in-chief at Marvel, C.B. Cebulski, is doing away with a slew of SJW Marvel comics heading into 2018. So there is hope for comic fans… hope indeed. Gaming isn’t so lucky, though, and SJWs are now targeting Bandai Namco in hopes of getting Ivy censored in SoulCalibur VI… even though she hasn’t even been announced for the game!

These emotional roller-coaster ready stories and more in this December 23rd, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Steam Abandons Pepe Emoticons Due To DMCA Strikes

Steam fell victim to the fury of Furie’s DMCA strikes that even Valve couldn’t overcome. The company had to abandon all hope when entering into the meme territory of Pepe the Frog emoticons, giving away to the legal threats and removing them from Steam. Despite being a glitchy mess, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has already sold 1 million copies on Xbox One. That’s right, it managed to move 1 million copies over the course of just 48 hours. Chris Matthews proved to be yet another Liberal pest, preying on hot women like Erin Burnett in an attempt to further his feminist allyship, so much so that NBC even had to pay a former producer off to keep her quiet about his sexual harassment. And there’s a review up for Hello Neighbor, and it basically warns you to stay far, far away from the broken mess coming from out of Dynamic Pixels’ Early Access experiment.


SJWs Want Ivy Censored In SoulCalibur VI

It’s not even out yet and SJWs are already tripping over themselves to get SoulCalibur VI censored. They want all those big, delicious, soft wrecking balls of love, firmly protruding from Ivy Valentine’s heart-thumper to go away or get covered up like Sharia Law was… law. Anyway, some gamers are already pushing back and hoping to keep the SJW menace at bay. Speaking of sexy-time… Catherine: Full Body is making a return to form on PS4 and PS Vita, complete with an all new ending, all new episode, an all new character, and all new content, including an online multiplayer mode. A review for A Hat In Time is up and out and the game has scored the coveted “Buy It”. Twitter is continuing to censor far-right activists and pundits, while SJWs are actually complaining that Far Cry 5 doesn’t feature enemies that are far-Right and Conservative enough.


Another Anti-#GamerGate SJW Is Going To Prison

Juan Thompson figured he would be a woman respecter by stalking, harassing, abusing, and threatening his ex-girlfriend. He also managed to tout himself as an anti-#GamerGate journalist, calling the anti-corruption consumer revolt “misogynistic”. However, Thompson now finds himself convicted and facing five years in prison for threatening Jewish institutions. The Nintendo Switch has been selling like crazy all over the world, moving more than 2.9 million SKUs in Japan alone. Ubisoft is also in the news again for censoring For Honor‘s “No Touching” execution for the most silliest of reasons. And some of Marvel’s most SJW-ridden comic books will be getting axed heading into 2018.


Marvel Cancels A Bunch Of SJW Comic Books

It’s finally happened: Marvel is pulling the plug on all those SJW comic books… or at least, most of them. Even long-time, long-running series like Luke Cage have been cancelled. Expect Captain Marvel to hit the bricks next. Psychonauts 2 development has hit a major snag and won’t be ready until at least 2019, and at worst, 2020. Concerns have been raised that EA might have DICE censor the Nazi symbols and iconography out of the upcoming Battlefield. And one Marvel writer decided to blame all of white males for the SJW comics not selling.


SJWs Drill Netflix’s Bright Into The Ground For Not Being Woke Enough

That’s right folks, some people are so woke in the Social Justice community that even fantasy fanfare about orcs, elves, and faries fighting over a magic wand in future Los Angeles is getting railed on and drilled into the ground for not being “woke” enough. I’m not even kidding. I wish I were kidding. I’m not even kidding. Really. Fantasy movies have to be “woke” or otherwise SJW movie critics will bury the movie deeper into a hole than Roman Polanski burying deep into the holes in a youth center’s ballet shower area. Bethesda’s Creation Club might be causing major problems for a lot of modders, but Nexus Mods has a solution in the form of a new donation mechanic. Catherine: Full Body is due to drop next year in Japan, and will also arrive in the West… but possibly with a trap. And Apple has instituted a new mandate forcing developers to disclose the odds for winning an item in their premium-priced loot boxes in mobile games sold on the iTunes App Store.

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