Weekly Recap Dec 30th: Catherine Outrage, Marvel Cancels Cancer, 2017 Is Ending
Weekly Recap Dec 30th 2017

It’s the final week of 2017 and the final full week of December. We can kick 2017 in the nuts and kiss it goodbye. However, before we light a fire on the dumpster that was the chaos, retardedness, and overall cancerous year that was 2017 (with the exception of a few good games), we’ll need to recap the final week, which saw swatters getting an innocent man killed, SJWs attacking Catherine: Full Body for perceived transphobia, SJWs getting angry that their SJW comic books got cancelled because Marvel decided to get radiology treatments for the SJW cancer, and SJWs complaining about GOG.com using the Glorious PC Master Race meme… featuring Terry Crews.

As I said, 2017 was full of cancer (mostly SJW cancer) but there were a few bright spots. So let’s go over a few of those moments where Social Justice Warriors got BTFO as we head into 2018, in this December 30th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Catherine: Full Body’s New Character Brings Out The SJW Hysterics

It’s not out yet and we don’t know anything about the new character in Catherine: Full Body named Rin, other than that she’s a new romance option for the main character Vincent, and that there’s an all new chapter exploring their potential romance. Nevermind the fact that we still don’t know a lot about the game, Polygon and Kotaku have already kicked up the hysterics over potential transphobia because a straight dude might be aghast to see a schlong danging between the legs of what he thought could have been a woman. The real kicker? We don’t even know if Rin is a trap, a trans, or just a tight little girl. Destiny 2 is mired once more in controversy, this time involving an overbearing microtransaction system. Two new Persona-themed dancing games are currently in development with a release scheduled to land on shelves for the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan during the spring of 2018. And it turns out that Star Wars: The Last Jedi had a massive drop-off from its first week heading into its second full week… how much of a drop-off? A 68.8% drop-off.


GOG.com Apologizes For Using PCMR Meme Featuring Terry Crews

This really, truly is one of the saddest days in PC gaming, when a PC company selling DRM-free goods apologizes for using a meme featuring Terry Crews – who himself used the term PCMR to describe joining the community – when a small band of Social Justice Warriors came online and bullied them. On the up and up, at least there’s a New Japan Pro Wrestling game in the works and set to be announced soon. Koei and Team Ninja aren’t done with Nioh, and there could be more in store for the PlayStation and PC action-RPG. Pico Interactive announced that the Pico Neo 3K resolution 6DOF wireless headset is currently available for pre-order for $749.00 right now. And Lineage 2: Revolution has been severely censored to suit the puritanical sensibilities of Western civilization.


SJWs Hunt Down Diversity & Comics… Again

It must be nice knowing that you have a moderate subscriber count that’s actually higher than Marvel’s flagship heroine comic, Captain Marvel. That’s the scenario right now with Diversity & Comics, who has become the target of rabid SJWs who have become feral on social media, using sophistry to attack his character and rally their bot troops in an attempt to get his Patreon account shut down. An SJW character created for the purpose of giving normal gamers cancer called RAY from Mighty No. 9 is being added to Mighty Gunvolt Burst‘s 1.3 update. Have you been hearing about the controversy in the Magic: The Gathering community? Well, Niche Gamer has a thorough editorial that lays it all out on the table and explains the drama from top to bottom.


Swatting Results In Innocent Man Being Shot And Killed

Kansas police killed an innocent man who stepped out of his home on Thursday night. They did so under the false presumption that he was a killer and was suicidal. However, it turned out to be swatting by some salty Call of Duty players. Minds will be attempting to evolve their business model in 2018 by adding crypto currency to their monetizatoin line-up, which could greatly expand their business. The original founder of Bethesda believes that gamers may need to pay more for games in order to compensate for the rising development costs. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Platinum Games, who is willing to self-publish their own titles, wants to break away from licensed-based games and could be pursuing new IPs soon. And some fanboys are defending Star Wars: Battlefront II, claiming that EA “dindu nuffin”.

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