Wild Terra Online, Sandbox RPG Launches On Steam With Mixed Reviews [Updated]
Wild Terra Online

[Update and Correction:] In accordance with our Right of Reply policy, developer Konstantin Tonkonozhko from Juvty Worlds reached out to clarify that some of the quotes we used in this article that users made in the Steam review section are not correct. The developer explained via e-mail that…

“Private servers content was the part of Alpha tests and not available in game, however those who still insist to continue playing on their private servers inspite that Alpha is over was given a chance to rent server.


“[…] There is no any subscription in game, you buy it once and play unlimited.”

The reviews quoted below are considered incorrect by the developers, and they state that the game does not have a monthly subscription and no longer has private servers.

[Original article:] It’s hardly ever a commendable thing when your game graduates from Early Access and launches in full, and the vast majority of people have mixed feelings about it. Well, such a scenario has befallen Juvty Worlds’ Wild Terra Online, an isometric, sandbox, survival MMORPG.

The game seems to be a throwback to old-school titles like Ultima Online and Dark Eden. Players will start by gathering resources, carving out a small place in the world, and then expanding their dominion to larger sections of the world, establishing towns and fortifications, and later siege weapons and stone walls. This all continues to evolve and escalate into something rather larger and remarkable, as showcased in the minute long launch trailer for the game that you can check out below.

It reminds me a lot of an isometric version of Mortal Online.

The game’s launch wasn’t just mired in mixed reviews out of the gate, the negativity has actually followed the game throughout its development since its original debut into Early Access. For the last year the developers have been slowly building up and improving on the game, enabling players to build anything, anywhere. There are more than 100 buildings to make; armor, weapons, tools, cooking utilities and farming equipment can all be made and put to use in the sandbox environment.

So what’s the biggest drawbacks to the game? A couple of things: Monthly subscriptions and endless grinding.

Gehn wrote…

“Features that were once part of the paid game are now locked behind a monthly pay wall. to play single player or have a private server, now you need a $15 a month subscription. too bad I cant refund this ptw cash grab. Stay away from this game and these greedy devs.”

Well, some people disagree, saying that it’s the best of Diablo meets Ultima Online.

So ultimately you’ll have to pick and choose what you’re willing to put up with if you decide to play Wild Terra Online. The game still has plenty of negative reviews from gamers who have logged in dozens of hours into the title but eventually gave up due to the grinding or the bugs. The bugs have been fixed but the grinding still seems to be there.

If you can tough through the grind maybe you’ll find a gem worth holding dear to your heart over the brisk holiday weekend? Either way, Wild Terra Online is discounted by 34% off during the Steam Winter Sale, so you can get it for $9.89 instead of the typical $14.99 from the Steam store up through January 4th, 2018.

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