Windjammers E-Sports League Finally Opens After 23 Years
Windjammers esports
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

Probably considered to be the first ever true e-sports game that never really had a proper e-sports community is Data East’s Windjammers for the Neo Geo. It was easily one of the most fun and unique sports games out back in the day next to Namco’s classic arcade game, Numan Athletics.

Well, developer and publisher DotEmu recently announced that they’ve opened the Flying Power League, the first ever official e-sports league for Windjammers. The league will seek to inspire and instill hope in gamers looking to become the best of the best when it comes to playing electronic sports in the electronic sports league.

This comes after Windjammers made a much appreciated return to form on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita back in August of this year. Previous to that, the game had been receiving lots of regular promotion on Xavier Woods’ YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown.

With the popularity for Windjammers at an all time high thanks to the power of the internet and the ability to revive retro franchises, gamers can look to participate in the league tournaments following the SEA Majors that took place in Singapore back in October, with the Flying Power League’s first round of bouts taking place between December 15th and December 17th at NEC 18 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The tournament will see $2,000 up for grabs for the person lucky enough to walk away the winner. That’s like a month’s worth of rent for a grown adult… or whole bunch of used games from GameStop and Amazon if you’re teeny bopper. However, the season’s total winnings will tally up to $10,000, so there’s definitely some incentive to get good with the game. The grand champ will also win a free trip to EVO 2018, so they can see and smell all the greatness that the FGC has to offer in Las Vegas, Nevada.

DotEmu has partnered up with, so you can register for the Flying Power League’s upcoming event by visiting the registration page.

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