Wolfenstein 2: The Adventures Of Gunslinger Joe Gameplay Walkthrough
Wolfenstein 2 The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe Walkthrough

Machine Games and Bethesda are now rolling out the new DLC for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. The first adventure is called Wolfenstein 2: The Adventures Of Gunslinger Joe, starring Joseph Stallion, a play on Josef Stalin, the Communist dictator who wanted to rule the world… just like Hitler. If you were interested in the three volume DLC featuring Stallion, there’s a Wolfenstein 2: Adventures of Gunslinger Joe gameplay walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames has the full hour long DLC, which you can check out below.

Volume 1: Captured

The game opens with a comic-style cinematic featuring Joe, who gets captured and forced to play football and lose to the Reich.

Instead of giving in, Joe fights back, gets knocked out, and gets thrown in jail.

Like the stereotypical black man in fictional media, Joe has the strength of ten weak Nazis.

You have to shoulder tackle the wall, which causes the wafer-thin Nazi to blow apart into a fireworks display of viscera, like a balloon filled with jelly being popped by a fat kid with a thunderous clap.

Kill the Nazis, take their guns, kill more Nazis, and make your way through the installation by running and gunning.

The objective is to get to the top of the prison facility.

Simply make your way up the stairwell to the top floor. You can commander the Lasergewehr on the turret and use it to inflict additional damage.

Make your way through the vents at the end of the hall. You’ll need to shoulder tackle your way through the highlight area.

Continue to follow the linear path and run through the walls like you ate steroids for breakfast and HGH for lunch, with a side order of Russian meds for dinner.

The pathway is quite linear and will lead you back into a concourse where you’ll need to take out the commander in the control room and flip the lever. If he sees you there will be an army of Nazis that will come firing down around your head like a half-blind Rabbi who took a wrong turn at /pol/ and ended up on the new Stormfront website.

If the alarm was switch you’ll have to take out all of the reinforcements and then head to the top floor, grab the arc caster, charge it up and then burn off the side of the container on the bottom floor. Inside you’ll find a Panzerhund. Ride it.

Go through the streets of Illinois and put everything on fire. Burn ’em like marshmallows roasting over a camp fire while using an aerosol can.

Make your way up the hotel and through the walls until you get to the elevator. This will end the stage.

Volume 2: On The Run

Ubercommander Metze will capture Joe but says that he doesn’t want to waste any of his Nazi bullets on a sub-human, so he orders another lesser Nazi to kill Joe.

However, there’s another comic-style cinematic that will reveal that Joe’s daddy was taken by the American defector turned Ubercommander, Metze.

Joe vows revenge and charges the soldier out of the window, but he gets knocked out when he falls into an open grave and has a nightmare sequence where he’s put through a gauntlet in a burning field where he must survive for as long as possible against increasingly dangerous groups of Nazi soldiers.

Once Joe wakes up he’ll leave the grave and go into a Nazi command post. You can either stealth your way through or just run-and-gun. Given the design of the stage, it’s likely more efficient to use the shotgun and just run-and-gun anything in your path.

Make your way to the control room, flip the switch and then head into the sewers.

Thankfully the sewer stage is only a few tunnels long and you’ll be back onto the streets of Springfield.

Members of the KKK will attempt to kill you. You’ll have to head through the streets toward the diner just around the corner. It’s a completely linear segment, so once you get through the diner there is a Panzerhund sub-boss you’ll have to fight.

If you have any heavy weapons, use them. If you have any grenades, use them. If you have any wits about you… well, you probably wouldn’t have bought the DLC.

Anyway, make your way into the police headquarters, which is the secret Nazi base.

Use the shoulder tackle to break down the doors on the secret floor and then make your way around the hall into the control room to open the cell door that leads down into the holding cells.

Volume 3: Showdown

After finding out that Metze didn’t actually kill his dad, but captured him instead (and I wouldn’t doubt it if he was using him as his own personal sex slave), Joe rescues his dad and decides to hunt down Metze across the mid-west. He ends up at the Topeka space center where he raids it with nothing but his own two hands and a varsity jacket that happens to be two sizes too small.

The space center is a functionally efficient place, not unlike the secret police headquarters. Make your way into the central meeting room and find out about Metze’s secret plan to destroy America. You’ll need to proceed toward the launch station. You can sneak through parts of the launch station and grab a hand-launcher along the way.

Wolfenstein 2 The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe - The Showdown

Take out the commanders to disable the alarm if you do manage to get spotted, and then proceed upward and onward. Several small mechanized Nazi soldiers will hop down along the way. If you have a heavy weapon, stick with it and use it to take out the mechs and then proceed into the transport facility where you’ll need to take out the witnesses.

You can either take out the witnesses stealthily or just go in guns-a-blazin’. It doesn’t matter either way, just head to the shipping container to escape into space and travel through the Venus base to find Metze.

You can actually get through the space lounge without being spotted if you shoulder charge the one guy and quickly kill the guy next to him. It’s also possible to throw a canned good at the head of one of them and then stealth-kill the other.

Anyway, if you do get spotted take out the two commanders and then make your way to the end of the hall and outside. Once you kill all the soldiers there will be two commanders you’ll need to dispatch before you can proceed.

Kill the commanders outside and then head up the ramp on the left side of the facility and there’s a door that will lead you back inside the compound.

Kill everyone inside and then head back outside and you’ll have to kill everyone on the outside, including a giant Nazi mech.

If you hear the beeping sound then it means you’re about to burn up and die. Go to a cooling station on the second floor to increase your coolant and reduce the heat.

The cooling stations are scattered throughout the the outside segments of the Venus station, so just look for the gas pump-looking machine to cool down and keep fighting.


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