World Of Tanks’ Core Engine Upgrades Physics, Graphics In March, 2018
World of Tanks
(Last Updated On: December 23, 2017) announced that they’re switching from the BigWorld tech that is currently powering World of Tanks and moving over to the new Core Engine for version 1.0 set to launch in March, 2018.

The news was made available over on the official World of Tanks website, where there’s a FAQ to accompany the news, revealing that the engine has been in development for the last four years and was designed to accommodate the ever-growing, ever-expanding nature of World of Tanks.

The engine has been designed to allow players to easily and quickly choose between preset settings that will attempt to run the game at the most optimized settings within the preset. You can even test out how well the new Core Engine will operate on your PC by downloading and running the World of Tanks enCore benchmark from the official website.

For the more leery at heart, you can check out the trailer for the Core Engine below, which canvasses the features and the all new terrain, maps, and mechanics that will be present when 1.0 goes live for World of Tanks in March.

Hands down, the start of the trailer showing off the waterfalls, the fire effects, and the all new lighting and physics capabilities.

The environmental destruction is meatier and weightier. The water simulation effects are more dynamic and accurate. Lighting on the tanks better reflects their surroundings and weather conditions. And they’ve also remastered all the audio in the game.

The 1.0 update actually looks really good. I’m not a World of Tanks player and the game never really appealed to me all that much, but I certainly cannot deny the fact that the in-engine trailer looks really good. With a freecam mode you could possibly make some compelling machinima using the new Core Engine.

You’ll have to wait several months before you can dive into the action, but if you were a fan of World of Tanks this is probably exciting news.

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