Wreckfest Finally Updated With Career Mode, New Cars, New Music
Wreckfest Update
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

Austria’s THQ Nordic stepped in to get Finnish studio, Bugbear Entertainment, back on track and working on finishing up Wreckfest. The iron thumb from the reconstructed publisher actually worked wonders, as Bugbear announced that they have completed a significant update for the game, adding the first parts of the career mode, adding eight new cars, and finally implementing the music system.

Roger Joswig, a producer at THQ Nordic, commented about the new update, stating…

“After some minor delays we are proud to present the first big bang Early Access-Update for Wreckfest. We kept quiet for some time, but only to deliver a great demolition and racing experience now.”


“We introduced numerous new, exciting stuff like a first version of the career mode with 2 championships (for now), a new rival system, a first version of the component damage system, car tuning system and quite a bit more to be honest. We are really looking forward to the feedback from the community.”

In addition to adding eight new cars, they’ve also introduced the first set of front-wheel drive vehicles, and the two championships offer you up to six hours worth of playtime in the career mode. Three difficulty settings have been added, along with improved AI support.

And speaking of AI… the first iteration of the Rival system has been added, which may give rise to an opponent becoming your rival over a series of races. They’ve also added the first iteration of the livery customization system, basically allowing you to paint your car. And the first version of the component damage system has been added as well.

On the QOL front they’ve upgraded and updated the user interface and HUD, along with adding in a dedicated reset button for those times when you get stuck in geometry or flipped upside down.

They’ve also improved the handling for all the vehicles in the game, along with improved the collision detection and wall-collisions when vehicles make contact.

The first version of the car tuning system is in place, along with upgraded engine sounds for both the 4 and 6-cylinder cars.

You can learn more about this new update and the long and arduous history of Wreckfest’s three year run in Early Access by visiting the Steam app page.

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