Wrestling Revolution 2D Launches On Steam December 18th
Wrestling Revolution 2D
(Last Updated On: December 17, 2017)

Wrestling games used to be big business back during the Monday Night Wars when WCW and WWF were the two biggest names in the sports entertainment industry. Back then business was booming, ratings were pulling in tens of millions of people each week and arenas were filled to the brim with the ebullience of a super-charged crowd who used to cheer, boo, jeer, and explode in excitement for their favorite (and most hated) wrestlers who stepped through gorilla and onto the stage.

Well, these days the business is down, arenas are no longer as filled, and most of wrestling culture has retreated to its own little segment online, with the only major gaming franchise in town servicing said culture being the WWE 2K series. Hoping to cash in on that microcosm of internet subculture is MDickie, who is making a return to form with his release of Wrestling Revolution 2D on Steam starting December 18th.

The old-school title is a 2D rendition of MDickie’s 3D wrestling games. Some of you might be wondering what the benefit is of a 2D title instead of a 3D title, and it all boils down to preference. Some people still prefer 2D over 3D… just ask any Otaku.

This particular version of the game is based on the mobile release. The highlight is that it allows for more wrestlers on the screen at one time and sports a lot of unpredictable and over-the-top wrestling that is somewhat restricted in the realm of 3D. You can get an idea of what the game is like with a compilation video from Nathan Smith who showcases the game’s finishers from some of the superstars.

Now according to MDickie, the game is also supposed to include Booking Revolution for backstage wrestling sim fans, but he mentions that Steam doesn’t recognize it as a separate release so you’ll have to grab the app for it from mobile stores.

Just like MDickie’s other titles, there’s a character creation, hardcore matches, royal rumbles, backstage storylines and drama, and the ability to modify up to 350 characters across nine different rosters. It seems to take inspiration from AKI’s old WCW Vs The World and WCW Revenge games.

You can look to get your hands on the game starting December 18th from over on the Steam store. If you weren’t too pleased with WWE 2K18 and happened to be looking for something a little more old-school, you can check out Wrestling Revolution 2D.

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