WWE’s The Shield Available For GTA 5 As Mod Downloads
WWE The Shield GTA 5

If you were disappointed in The Shield’s reunion this past fall due to Reigns getting sick and then later Ambrose getting injured, well there’s a way for you to recreate and reunite the hounds of justice… in GTA V.

Modder UGUR Production has ripped and reproduced the three members of The Shield from the WWE 2K games for use with Rockstar’s GTA V.

You can download all three members of The Shield from the WWE, which are currently available over on GTA5-Mods.com. There’s: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

This will allow you to roleplay a number of different scenarios with the three WWE superstars as action heroes, heisters, vigilantes, or as the hounds of justice.

In fact, there’s a pretty cool video that YouTuber ElementGames put together a machinima featuring The Shield joining a SWAT team and dishing out a little bit of trio-justice. Check out the video below.

Oh, well isn’t that something? Even in GTA they didn’t make the cops get out and shoot on sight.

The video is a little weird insofar that it starts with Rollins recruiting Ambrose from a porta-potty out in the middle of nowhere. After we hear Ambrose drop a deuce, the duo head to a biker gang hangout and with the help of SWAT they engage in a battle of fisticuffs. Roman Reigns drops down in a helicopter later on to help out.

Anyway. the models were extracted from WWE 2K17 on PC, which is the latest version of the game just before the 2017 outing of WWE 2K18.

Dean Ambrose GTA 5

There are some odd discrepancies with the models in the video above, but thankfully they’re fixed in the actual download. Dean Ambrose, for instance, doesn’t have the LOD issue with his hair like he does in the video above, and Seth Rollins’ hair is slightly fixed.

I imagine if you had two other friends and loved to goof around, The Shield mod would be perfect for that sort of thing. The mods are available right now for GTA V.

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