Aegis Defenders Heads To Nintendo Switch, PS4 Feb 8th With Shovel Knight
Aegis Defenders

Guts Department’s Aegis Defenders is the upcoming, side-scrolling, action tower-defense game that was Kickstarted many years ago. The game first came onto the scene way back in 2014 to the tune of just under $150,000.

The game is currently available for pre-order on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC. Aegis Defenders is due for release on February 8th, 2018 next month.

To celebrate the release date a brand new trailer was released to give gamers a heads-up about the title.

The game has made some significant changes from back when it was on Kickstarter. Instead of playing the two main characters there are now four customizable characters, each with their own skills and abilities.

This definitely broadens the scope of Aegis Defenders gameplay compared to what the game was originally supposed to be, which focused on the tomboyish young girl and her grandad.

The game’s levels also seem more oriented around the tower defense gameplay as opposed to the traditional exploration platforming.

Aegis Defenders - World Travel

The art-style is a mix of old JRPGs and 16-bit games from the SNES era.

The console version will also sport cooperative split-screen play, so gamers with a buddy or a significant other (who you haven’t pissed off enough where they don’t want to play with you) you can share a Joy-Con and tackle the levels together.

In addition to all of this, the Shovel Knight from the eponymous series will also make an appearance in Aegis Defenders.

A lot of people are excited for the game. Obviously, those who are leery about sociopolitical propaganda appearing in the game will likely want to wait to see what the curators and Steam community have to say (assuming the threads don’t get deleted like what happened with Iconoclasts) to see if the game is a safe-buy. Many gamers these days aren’t entirely fond of supporting propaganda.

Anyway, you can look for Aegis Defenders to arrive on PC, PS4 and Steam starting February 8th.

Aegis Defenders - Poster


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