AMD’s Hotfix For Adrenalin Drivers Will Fix DX9 Games, Says Director Of Software Strategy

The Witcher AMD

Director of AMD software strategy, Terry Makedon, has been running damage control for AMD the last 24 hours. Makedon stated via Twitter and via the Reddit forums that AMD is working on a fix for the DX9 games and some SAGE Engine titles.

Responding to one of the many articles that spread around about AMD’s Adrenalin drivers breaking support for some DirectX 9 games, Makedon stated that they were working on a fix.

Makedon further states that press should have reached out to him instead of taking the word of tech support at face value because he stated that humans can sometimes make errors.

To be fair, most tech support are actually working hands-on with the tech in some way, whereas the marketing department is focused on putting out platitudes that make the company look good.

In fact, some people even called Makedon out on trying to limit the issue to SAGE games (Strategy action games). Makedon had to further clarify by stepping into the Reddit thread where he explained that it wasn’t just SAGE games and that they were “on it guys”.

Makedon posted a comment in the Reddit thread, stating…

“[…] It seems our tech support folks got their wires crossed so we apologize greatly for the confusion. Give me a day or two to figure out what caused the bug and I promise I will take care of it with extreme urgency. Thanks for your understanding.”

This will supposedly address the issue that many gamers had with running DirectX 9 titles with the newest Adrenalin drivers for AMD’s latest series GPUs.

Some of these games were older titles like Command & Conquer while some of these games were newer titles or popular titles like The Witcher and League of Legends. Many gamers were ready to abandon AMD over the issue, but hopefully they issue the fix in the next driver update… soon.

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