Apex Construct, FPS Puzzle Game Set To Hit PSVR On February 20th
Apex Construct
(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)

Fast Travel Games has a new title in the works set to launch on February 20th next month for the PlayStation VR called Apex Construct. The game is a first-person, adventure shooter. You spend a good deal of time in the game apparently exploring, solving puzzles and attempting to unravel the desires of a construct who wants to defeat someone who has apparently ruined the world.

The trailer starts off pretty tame, showcasing some of the environments you’ll traverse, along with some of the puzzles you’ll need to solve, which are rather tame. And by tame I mean doing things like figuring out security codes for keypads and opening up doors.

The combat doesn’t seem to be too much more complex than the puzzles. It appears as if a lot of the scenarios are based on rail-type segments due to the fact that the player is stationary for the most part while some enemies hop into view.

The visuals and the world most definitely remind me of The Talos Principle from Croteam, which was another game that was prime VR-bait. As far as the quality of the graphics are concerned, it looks passable for what it is. It reminds me a little bit of a polished up version of what Star Fox would look like if any company but Nintendo developed it.

Now one neat part about the combat is that at least to be a VR game they let you use something other than a rather lame looking blaster pistol or laser rifle. You at least get to blast people down using a really cool looking futuristic bow.

Apex Construct is one of the 130 games that Sony has planned to roll out for the PlayStation VR this year. Sony doesn’t seem to be banking much on organic adoption to carry the PSVR to a higher install base so they’re giving it one last go before the throw it in the closet with the rest of their failed hardware like the PSP, PS Vita and the PlayStation Move controllers.

Nevertheless, if you’re starved for PlayStation VR content, you can look for Apex Construct to launch on February 20th.

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