AQP City Attempts To Combine GTA’s Open-World With Parkour Gameplay

AQP City

The Crazy Hunters is currently working on a new open-world game called AQP City. It’s obviously not the most memorable name to recall, but if the gameplay lives up to the hype that the trailer is generating, then it won’t matter all that much what you call it.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered open-world title slipped onto the scene recently after the trailer was published on January 1st. You can check out the two minute promo piece below.

The trailer starts with a look at the game’s animal wildlife and ecosystem before transitioning over and showcasing the main character riding on a dirt bike and then later shooting a turret from an APC.

Before you assume that the game is set in some desert-laden outback located in the middle of nowhere, we then get a quick transition over to a city by the port, with large freighters docked offshore while the player-character races down the street on a sports bike. There’s an odd motion-trail behind the bike, though, which hopefully gets fixed in the final version of the game. Instead of blurring the image it seems to be leaving behind an after-image instead of a steady blur of bike.

The description of the game takes direct aim at being a GTA and Red Dead clone, and that’s pretty obvious with the scope of the environments and visual fidelity, along with being able to ride horses and commandeer a number of vehicles, such as helicopters, cars, and planes.

Halfway through the trailer we see how the pedestrians move about the city and get a brief look at how the cityscape looks.

Later on we then get a look at the game’s cover-based shooting mechanics before seeing how the game’s hand-animated parkour system works.

In a way, it looks like five different games rolled into one.

The trailer also feels more like a tech demo than a focused gameplay project. However, we’ll likely need to see more before making any kind of final judgments on it. It’s not bad to be an indie project but a lot of it will depend on the gameplay stability, smoothness of the controls, and the overall playability.

You can learn more about The Crazy Hunters’ upcoming open-world action title by visiting the official website.