Ascendant Hearts, MMO-Parody Visual Novel Preps To Launch With Uncensored Patch
Ascendant Hearts Uncensored

Ascendant Hearts stars Hayato, an Otaku who loves pretty girls, JRPGs, and MMOs. One day he suffers from amnesia and ends up being transported into his favorite online multiplayer RPG, where he meets up with a trio of lovely ladies on a quest to help save the land from a scourge of evil monsters terrorizing the villages.

Hayato has to balance between keeping his cover from being outed as a foreigner from a foreign land while also leading the ladies through dungeon crawls, monster fights, and boss battles in an attempt to save the town Lightshire from certain doom at the claws of monsters.

Hayato ends up getting close to Shiori, who helps him master his new combat abilities and to navigate the strange world that he’s only been familiar with through video games. You can get a look at the art and some of the character designs with the trailer below.

VisualNoveler brought the game to life via Kickstarter thanks to the help from the visual novel community.

The game was originally set to release back in the summer of 2017, but was delayed into early 2018. It still doesn’t have a release date just yet but it’s set to arrive sometime soon, according to the Steam store page.

Additionally, VisualNoveler already have a NSFW, 18+ uncensored patch ripe and ready for the full release of the game. You can grab the patch from the Dropbox page.

Ascendant Hearts - The Struggle

Unfortunately due to a bunch of moral busybodies encroaching in on gaming, and threatening to bring the law down around the ears of Valve, developers can no longer provide nudie patches on the actual Steam pages or in the forums. Some gamers, however, have been seeping links into the forum threads to inform others about how to access the uncensored patches.

It’s a good thing that VisualNoveler preemptively released the patch so now all that Steam gamers need to do is download it and install it once Ascendant Hearts releases.

You can keep track of the game’s release date by visiting the Steam store page.


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