Ascendant Hearts Now Available On Steam With Uncensored Patch
Ascendant Hearts

Visualnoveler’s Ascendant Hearts is currently available right now on Steam for $9.99. During the first week of being on sale the game is discounted by 20% off so you can get it for only $7.99.

The developers made sure that when the Steam release dropped the uncensored patch would be ripe and ready for askers and beggars, and so you can download the Ascendant Hearts uncensored patch from the Dropbox page right now.

Once you install the game you just have to install the patch, and all the uncensored glory contained within the game’s fantasy world will be laid bare for you.

The story centers around a young lad named Hayato who is just enjoying his very average and mundane life until he’s one day transported into the mystical fantasy land reminiscent of his favorite MMOs. With amnesia to boot and a world themed around hit points, respawns, and dungeon crawling, Hayato quickly finds himself out of his element.

Thankfully the dandy is accompanied by the mage Shiori, who attempts to help him navigate the new fantasy world, make some money through fetch quests, upgrade his skill points, and eventually gather a party… which may or may not turn into a harem.

You can check out the first half hour of Ascendant Hearts thanks to a video from tr1ppa, which you can check out below. It’ll give you a sound understanding of the story pace, characterizations and the CG art.

The visual novel features three possible romantic pursuits, along with three main endings to unlock. This gives the game a hint of replayability for those who wanted to see what each route is like and how the endings play out.

Ascendant Hearts was originally a Kickstarter project that eventually managed to make its way onto Steam.

If you were interested in the game or you just wanted to check it out since it has an uncensored patch made freely available, you can do so right now by hitting up the Steam store page.


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