Badass Hero, A True Action Game For Hardcore Gamers Updated With New Bosses, Weapons
Badass Hero Update

Awesome Games Studio’s Badass Hero is currently in Early Access. The game is still undergoing updates and improvements since first appearing in the developmental cycle back in February of 2017 last year. Well, the latest update for the game adds all new bosses, a new comic book and brand new enemies and weapons.

The update was detailed over on a post on the Steam community thread. It rolls out info on the third comic book that’s available in the game, along with the 11 new enemies you’ll have to face off against, and the three new mini-bosses, along with one new super boss. There’s also a special intro and outro sequence for the comic book.

In addition to that, they’ve given the hero a little something-something extra in which to fight back against the baddies with, which includes five brand new melee weapons.

You can scope out some of the new content in the update trailer.

Badass Hero has been compared frequently in media to Comix Zone fused with Metal Slug. The comparisons definitely seem fitting here, especially considering that the game takes place in a world of comic books where you’re an old-school action hero who loses his powers while all sorts of other-worldly abominations have come and taken over your world. It’s a lot like Duke Nukem 3D as far as the story is concerned.

You hop into the game, and use his weapons to shred, slash, blast, and blow up anything in your path.

The gameplay is definitely reminiscent of Metal Slug, but with a tinge of Shank thrown in for good measure.

The game looks great and it’s nice that it’s a throwback to classic action-oriented gameplay without any of this pandering to the sensibilities of people who hate violence in video games or are jealous of masculinity so they keep trying to heavily push for the emasculation of men through soy diets and tampon-themed clothing. Well, thankfully Awesome Game Studios is putting the testicular integrity back into the intestinal fortitude that gamers crave from their action heroes.

If you’re interested in Badass Hero feel free to learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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