Bayonetta 1 And 2 Switch Gameplay Videos Show In-Game Footage

The Big ‘N’ has posted up a slew of unlisted YouTube Bayonetta 1 and 2 Nintendo Switch videos, which show off in-game footage. The games are set to launch for Switch on February 16th in the West, and on February 17th in Japan.

Platinum Games are currently working on the third installment to the Bayonetta series, and if you want to check up on the game you can head on over to to read more about the forthcoming title.

The third game, however, isn’t the only title in development for Nintendo Switch, but the first and second titles are too. In other words, while waiting for Platinum Games to reveal more info and gameplay footage of the third title, you can watch a slew of Bayonetta 1 and 2 Nintendo Switch videos right here.

Bayonetta 1 Switch Videos

The first video up on is the home page video, which you can check out below thanks to Nintendo.

The next video up showing the first iteration of Bayonetta comes in as “Free Battle Action” mode, running only for seven seconds.

Labeled as “Witch Time” you can watch two segments showing Witch Time activated.

The next video goes by the name of “Torture Attack” and can be viewed right here.

The “Wicked Weave” can be seen right here in the short nine second long clip.

The act of summoning the Great Demon Beast can be looked over thoroughly below.

Bayonetta 2 Switch Videos

The first video up for Bayonetta 2 is the home page video. Much like the first video that runs close to a minute, this one too shows off the game running on the Switch.

The next video showing Bayonetta 2 reveals the “Free Battle Action” mode.

You can look over the “Witch Time” featured in Bayonetta 2 courtesy of the video posted below.

The “Torture Attack” or attacks found in the second game can be viewed right here.

Like the first game’s Switch trailer, the second title has a “Wicked Weave” on display too.

Instead of watching the act of the Great Demon Beast being summoned, you can instead look over the Infernal Demon summon.

The last video shows that of the “Umbran Climax”.

As noted above, the two older Bayonetta (1 and 2) games are set to debut for Switch on February 16th in the West, and on February 17th in Japan. The physical copy of Bayonetta 2 will sport a download code for the original Bayonetta, which the latter will release as a standalone digital title.

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