Bend Studio Is Looking For Passionate Gamers To Test Days Gone

Bend Studio, the team over an upcoming PS4 exclusive, is looking for “passionate gamers” to test Days Gone. Meanwhile, the development team will pay a visit to this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) and discuss Days Gone AI algorithm and lighting.

If you want to see how far Bend Studio has developed Days Gone or you want to play and test the game early, there is good news in that you just have to be a “User Tester” and live in Oregon and you can participate.

This was announced via Twitter by Bend Studio. You can read the tweet looking for passionate video game players and user testers right here:

Starting on March 19th and ending on March 23rd, Bend Studio developers will discuss AI algorithms in Days Gone. This will kick-off at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), which will take place at the Moscone Conference Center in San Francisco, California.

Furthermore, Days Gone AI lead Darren Chisum and senior staff programmer Tobias Karrison will talk about AI spawns, interactions, behavior, and AIs moving around each other.

If you don’t know Chisum, he is the one who previously explained a variety of systems in the game. This will result in a huge change in how individual missions, animals, Freakers and events play out with him saying:

“Every mission will have the same goal – the same end point – but there are a lot of different systems in Days Gone. The ambush clothesline is a good example of that, and there are many more we’ve yet to reveal.


Depending on where the player is, what level they are, and what they’re doing. It’s not always going to be humans, it’s not always going to be Freakers – it’s sometimes going to be both, or animals might get involved.


How they interact with each other depends on how the world is looking at the time. The time of day impacts the population of the Freakers out in the world, and the awareness of the Marauders. On top of this – and this can happen at any time in any weather – we’ve also got dynamic events, such as Runners, infected wolves, and Ragers, which are the infected bears.


These infected animals aren’t scripted, they happen in the world depending on what time of day it is, what you’re doing in the world, and what the weather’s doing, too. In general, the Freakers prefer nighttime and wetter environments, so that’s always something you should keep in mind.”

As for the lead graphics programmer at Sony Bend, Graham Aldridge, he will discuss screen space, shadows and lighting.

If you want to learn more about Days Gone and the devs it’s best to mark March 19th on your calendar, apply to be a tester to play Days Gone or by paying a visit.

Days Gone has no release date, but it’s set to release exclusively for PS4.