Bilal Trailer Tries To Promote Islamic Multiculturalism

Bilal Movie

A movie produced by the middle eastern studio, Barajoun Entertainment, called Bilal is making its way to the West starting February 2nd. The film originally came out back in September of 2016 in middle eastern countries.

The film follows the plight of Bilal ibn Rabah, one of the followers and companions of the prophet Muhammad. Bilal is captured and made a slave, portrayed typically by the evil fair-skinned villains. The film attempts to portray Bilal as having regained his freedom and trying to preach equality for all, even though we know that isn’t necessarily true.

Nevertheless, the film attempts to portray people of all races coming together, attempting to promote the multicultural agenda pushed heavily by Liberal media.

Various groups attempt to come together to face off against the white villains in the movie after Bilal escapes, goes through the typical training montage, and then seeks revenge against his captors.

You can see the trailer for the film below, courtesy of Kinocheck International.

The comment section is filled mostly with Arabs praising the film and talking about how inspiring Bilal is. It mirrors many of the same comments from Arabs and Muslims who have posted up user reviews over on the IMDB page, showering it with laud for how well it depicts the character and culture of the middle east.

Of course, you probably can’t entirely judge those comments for what they’re worth given that there’s some obvious bias from the people who the film was marketed toward when it first released in some of the EMEA regions.

Some originally thought it was an American-made film to promote Islamic traditions for Western audiences, but some of the commenters corrected them by pointing out that it was a Muslim-Arab movie made for Americans.

And if you check Barajoun Entertainment’s site, they are indeed located in Dubai, within the United Arab Emirates.

Nevertheless, a lot of people actually seem to like the trailer and are looking forward to the film’s release, as indicated by the like-to-dislike ratio and many of the comments from Arabs supporting the film.

There are a few levelheaded people who actually ask if the film points out the pedophilia, stonings, killings and executions carried out under Sharia Law, but instead of answering the question it turned into a debate about Christianity versus Islam.

It’s pretty obvious what the film is trying to do and what the companies promoting the film are trying to do. Whether or not Americans are on board will depend on what the box office looks like when Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero releases on February 2nd.

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