BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Producer Explains That The DLC Compensates For The Lower Price

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a fighting game that’s currently in development for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch and will debut in the second quarter of this year. Ahead of its launch, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle producer Toshimichi Mori talked about the DLC practices and platform versions.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle has come under fire in part by Arc System Works looking to capitalize on players with payed character DLC. Most gamers aren’t too fond of fighting games sporting paid characters, but Arc System Works thought to take it a step further with 20 paid DLC fighters.

Thanks to the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation we learn through an interview between said outlet and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle producer Toshimichi Mori about the 20 DLC characters and platform versions.

If you want to read what Mori has to say about the Q2 2018 fighting game that mixes characters from BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY, his explanations lie below:

  • I would like to continue this series if there is support
  • I only made it for home consoles and PC because I want to eliminate the situation where the ability difference between overseas and Japanese players is born.
  • I am making it on the premise of playing with the game pad
  • To lower the price of this game will hopefully bring in more players, and if they’re interested they can buy DLC.
  • Even if you purchase DLC, we plan to set it where it does not exceed the price of the entire game for the most part.
  • I do not think that this practice exceeds the usual price of DLC…

The translated text of Mori telling Dengeki PlayStation his thoughts comes in courtesy of

Personally, the above “explanation” behind the game having a lower price to “justify” the act of 20 characters being locked behind DLC does not excuse the situation in any shape or form. I think a demo or beta will help people make up their mind if they want to purchase a copy of the game, instead of “if they buy the game and enjoy it they can download other characters to fulfill the $60 or so price point” mentality.

Anyway, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will debut for PC, PS4, and Switch on May 31st in Japan, and on June 5th across the West.


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