BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Will Have 20 DLC Characters, Including RWBY’s Belladonna
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle DLC
(Last Updated On: January 13, 2018)

News popped up that Blake Belladonna from RWBY has joined the cast of characters for Arc System Works’ upcoming crossover fighting game, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. However, there’s a catch: Belladonna will be a DLC character.

Gematsu picked up the news from a post over on the official Arc System Works website, where they announced that the game will have a roster total of 40 playable characters, 20 of whom will be post-launch DLC.

The site detailed how the characters would be made available with a post on the site that shows the DLC roadmap:

  • DLC Character All-in-One Pack
  • DLC Character: Blake Belladonna
  • DLC Character Set Vol. 1: ???, ???, and ???
  • DLC Character Set Vol. 2: ???, ???, and ???
  • DLC Character Set Vol. 3: ???, ???, and ???
  • DLC Character Set Vol. 4: ???, ???, and ???
  • DLC Character Set Vol. 5: ???, ???, and ???
  • DLC Character Set Vol. 6: ???, ???, and ???
  • DLC Character: ???

The All-in-One Pack will work as a premium season pass of sorts, enabling gamers to purchase the All-in-One Pack, which will then gain them access to all the subsequent DLC characters.

Quite naturally, a lot of gamers were not pleased with the news.

Having half of the entire roster locked behind DLC is almost worse than Capcom’s disc-locked content where 12 of the characters were locked away on the actual physical disc for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Luckily, hackers exposed Capcom and began playing with the characters across Xbox Live to show customers what they were missing out on. Capcom even tried to conscript gamers to help rat out the hackers after they were exposed. Most gamers declined.

Anyway, there’s going to be an uphill struggle for Arc System Works to convince people to have to keep paying out on Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle after putting the initial $50 or so down for the base game.

Depending on who the rest of the characters are, Arc System is likely betting on fanboyism to carry the DLC sales because they know that weebs, Otaku, and FGC members are weak-willed and will pour over the contents of their wallets for some of their favorite husbandos and waifus. Hopefully those core gamers can hold out and show Arc System that an aggressive DLC plan is not the way forward. We already have one Capcom, we don’t need a second one.

Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle is due out for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in North America starting June 5th, 2018.

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