Braven Trailer Has Jason Momoa Flexing His Action Hero Chops
Braven Movie

Braven is one part Rambo, one part Die Hard, and one part Cliffhanger. The film seems to want to give Jason Momoa his breakout moment as an action hero who punches, shoots, and axes his way through a handful of baddies that show up to his cabin in the woods looking to start trouble.

The plot is pretty simple, Momoa plays Joe Braven, a family man who works construction. He’s close with his dad, loves his wife, and is apparently a good father. Also, he’s real handy with a flaming tomahawk.

So the setup for the action is that some guys running drugs get into an accident and need to stash the drugs somewhere. So where do they stash it? Braven’s cabin.

Angry drug dealer who was supposed to get his drugs wants to know where his bag of uncut cocaine is? The guys who got into the accident and had to stash it at Braven’s cabin lead the dealer right to Braven and his family while they’re vacationing at the cabin. Cue the action.

Some parts remind me a little bit of the film Firestorm, but with a bit more Rambo thrown in.

It’s nice to see Momoa finally getting to flex his chops as an action star, but the movie couldn’t be anymore cliched if it tried. It’s basically Die Hard on a mountain, which is what Cliffhanger was some 25 years ago… except it has a much smaller budget to work with.

And by smaller budget, I mean the film looks like it might have been shot in Vancouver and with very limited access to various locations.

Even still, if the film has some good action beats, allows Momoa to have some good hand-to-hand sequences, and maybe fire off some cool weapons, it might make up for what appears to be a flick made on a very tight budget.

Also, it’s cool to see Stephen Lang fighting alongside Momoa. He’s such an underrated talent, and it’s a shame he hasn’t been in more action movies. Hopefully he’s more than just a kill-off character to give Momoa’s character a reason to kill the bad guys.

You can look for Braven to drop into theaters starting January 18th.


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