BRAWL, Gory Bomberman-Clone Now Available For Nintendo Switch
BRAWL Nintendo Switch

Qubic Games and Bloober Team’s BRAWL is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The top-down, action game mimics the gameplay mechanics and stylings of the old-school Hudson Bomberman games. Only this time around, the ‘M’ rated BRAWL takes a more adult-themed approach to the game design, peppering in partial nudity, drugs, blood and gore into the fold.

Hopefully the game is nothing like Bomberman Zero, which tried desperately to become the edgy and “mature” upgrade over the Bomberman formula only to fall flatter on its face than Rhonda Rousey in that Nunez fight.

Nevertheless, BRAWL appears to be the Bomberman version of Twisted Metal. You can get a glimpse of what the actual in-game play is like with the launch trailer below.

The trailer has some cool music and the visual thematics look all right, but it’s impossible to tell what the actual gameplay is like because it’s just random clips of some things blowing up across the map.

The game features eight playable characters, and the objective is to fight through the different maps set within the Emporium, all in an attempt to uncover a startling plot-twist.

Beyond the single-player mode there’s also a built-in multiplayer mode for up to four-players locally. There are also 20 different maps to battle across, each with their own interactive quirks and gimmicks.

The game is currently available right now for $9.99 over on the North American Nintendo eShop store. However, if you live outside of the good ‘ole U.S., of A, there’s also a European and Australian version of the game that will be made available starting January 19th.

Nintendo wasn’t kidding when they said that they were courting more adult-themed games with mature content, so we’ll see how well these unique new titles fare on the open market and if they’ll be able to find a sizable enough audience on Nintendo’s little Switch that could.


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