Bridge Constructor Portal Gameplay Walkthrough
Bridge Consturctor Portal

Clockstone and Headup Games’ Bridge Constructor Portal has become a sleeper hit right out of the gate. The single-player strategy game offers players a unique blend of the original Bridge Constructor gameplay, but with the added element of puzzles themed around Aperture Science from the Portal franchise. For those of you in need of a walkthrough guide for some of the more challenging aspects, there are a few available to help you solve some of the puzzles.

The first walkthrough for Bridge Constructor Portal covers the first 40 levels of the game and is put together by Bolloxed you can check it out below.

The video starts with the first stage, showcasing how to solve level 1.

The first puzzle is easy, simply remove the destroyed bridge remnants, and then build out the bridge infrastructure scaffolding. Right click the scaffolding to put down the bridge to finish the stage.

For the second level, simply hold down the left mouse button to reposition the ramp and then build supports underneath. For the ramp, apply the support structure underneath so the test vehicles can hop across to the other side.

The third test chamber requires using the portals. Use the overhead attachment points to use the super cables from the menu to support the bridge.

Rinse and repeat that same step for the upper bridge.

For Test Chamber 04 you won’t have to do anything since the portals will link up and you’ll be able to complete the stage.

For Test Chamber 05, simply build supports and a bridge between the light blue and yellow portal and the yellow portal and the dark blue portal. Don’t forget to use the structural supports so the bridges can hold the weight of the test subjects.

Test Chamber 06 you’ll need to press the super button. You don’t have to do anything other than press the convoy button and it will complete itself.

Test Chamber 07 requires you to build two bridges on the left and right side. For the second bridge on the right side, just add structural support for when the test vehicles make the jump.

Like the previous level, for Test Chamber 08 simply add infrastructural support to the bridges and the basic bridge layout so the test subjects can make the jump.

The solution for Test Chamber 09 is to remove the bridges first, and then create a ramp from the bottom level where the blue super button is located so that the ramp reaches exit tube. Create a second ramp from the start of the test that leads up to the portal on the far right side. Use the super cables to support both the bottom bridge and the upper bridge.

For Test Chamber 10, simply click convoy to start the test and everything else will sort itself out.

Test Chamber 11 introduces security turrets. First remove all the bridge parts and then create a ramp from the start of the test all the way down to the light blue portal. Be sure to support the bridge with structural support. Proceed to create a small ramp above the red laser, under the second blue portal so it looks like as it does in the image below.

For Test Chamber 12 simply click convoy and it will take care of everything for you.

For Test Chamber 13, 14 and Test Chamber 15 simply click the convoy button and it will once again do everything for you.

Test Chamber 16 requires a simple bridge from the start to the blue portal with the orange speed gel in front of it. Build out the bridge and make sure it’s properly supported, as indicated in the image below, to complete the level.

Test Chamber 18 will require a small bridge at the top of the right side of the screen so the test vehicles can flip in the air and then ride into the exit. Also be sure to add supports for the bridge in the center of the map.

There’s a second playthrough that offers some solutions as well for each stage from level 1 to level 60 from YouTuber Ava, which you can check out below.

The levels are time-marked below.

Bridge Constructor Portal is available right now over on the Steam store for $9.99


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