Burnout Paradise HD Remaster Coming To PS4 In Japan On March 16th, According To Listing
Burnout Paradise HD Remaster

Rumors about the Burnout Paradise HD Remaster have elevated by a whole new level after news broke that a Japanese listing is showing that the game will launch in the land of the rising sun for the PS4 starting March 16th, later this year.

Gematsu is reporting that there’s a listing for the game with the tentative title being Burnout Paradise HD Remaster for the PS4 in Japan. Typically, most games don’t have multiplatform releases in Japan, and will normally come out on PS Vita and PS4. However, in North America and Europe the games will typically have a multiplatform release, spanning the likes of the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Gematsu believes that the game will have a physical release in Japan on PS4, but will then have a fully featured release on Xbox One and PC, along with PS4, when it comes time to arrive in the West. What isn’t made clear is if the Western version will release physically and digitally or if it will only launch digitally.

Burnout Paradise came out a long time ago, last gen, way back in 2009. Back before Intel was exposed as a fraud and AMD forgot how to patch DX9 drivers into their newer GPUs; it was a time before feminism turned gaming culture into a rotting carcass and before SJWs complained incessantly about big boobs and sexy butts on fictional female video game characters.

Anyway, if the listing is true, you can expect the HD remastered version of Burnout Paradise to arrive this upcoming March. Presumably it will contain all of the previously released DLC, slightly buffed up resolution and texture filtering, and the original soundtrack may or may not come back in all its entirety.

Electronic Arts has yet to confirm the news but expect an official announcement soon. You can currently get Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for about $19 from various online digital distributors… so I imagine they’ll have to make the deal for the HD remaster a lot more lucrative than just a 1080p and (maybe) 60fps if they want to convince gamers to shell out anything more than $20 for it.

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