Bus Driver Simulator 2018 Set To Hit Steam Early Access On January 31st

KishMish Games will release Bus Driver Simulator 2018 for PC via Steam Early Access on January 31st. The bus sim game has a new trailer to welcome its upcoming Early Access release.

Being honest here, Bus Driver Simulator 2018 looks like an eyesore. Sadly, though, this can be said about a lot of bus, train and other vehicle sims. Nevertheless, these simulators still sell well enough and oftentimes benefit from player made mods.

On the topic of mods, publisher and developer KishMish Games have not made mention of mod support. If you don’t know, mod support helps a lot of sim games in terms of graphical effects, textures, models, missions and other important areas.

I do wonder if Bus Driver Simulator 2018 will be like My Summer Car Simulator and get a pass on its dated graphics? It might be able to get the nod from the community if it does happen to launch without mod support. While we wait for answers for those queries, the official Bus Driver Simulator 2018 description and trailer posted by Igro Miks sit below:

“The game implements realistic traffic and simulated passenger traffic, depending on the time of the day. Drive people to their work places in the morning, when the roads are blocked with high traffic, and during the daytime when there are much less passengers and cars on the roads.”

In total Bus Driver Simulator 2018 has over nine different scenarios to indulge in, sporting different mission conditions too. These objectives can be found throughout an unnamed city that supposedly mirrors its real life counterpart 1:1.

If your interest has been piqued by Bus Driver Simulator 2018 and you want to learn more, the team behind this game currently uses Steam Early Access and Facebook as a main website. This means all updates regarding this title are posted on said sites for you to look over.

Lastly, Bus Driver Simulator 2018 will release for PC via Steam Early Access on January 31st.


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