Casey Hudson Tries To Divert Worries About New Dragon Age And Microtransactions

Casey Hudson recently took to Twitter to divert ganers’ worries away from microtransactions in the new Dragon Age game by bringing up “storytelling”. BioWare has announced that a new Dragon Age game is in development, but no official word on microtransactions making an appearance have surfaced yet.

With BioWare working on both Dragon Age and Anthem, there’s a lot on the team’s plate. Recently it seems to be even more on the team’s plate with the latter game internally discussing microtransactions and loot-boxes and an alleged rumor that might hold some truth to it.

Casey Hudson, general manager, took to Twitter and attempted to divert worries about the new Dragon Age microtransaction concern due to Anthem and a new “live element” rumor.

In the tweet he didn’t specify or deny if the new Dragon Age game will have microtransactions, but instead he tried to stifle worries about it by diverting the “live” concern to a story focused topic.

Many people thought the whole “live” thing in a previous finding that revolves around adding “more ‘live’ elements into the game” was about microtransactions, as reported by US Gamer. That information comes from an alleged rumor about BioWare, which Hudson responded to by saying it relates to “storytelling” and the “main story.”

Many users still responded to Hudson, requesting no microtransactions and to avoid “live” based gameplay because they didn’t want it to turn out like Destiny 2.

In some cases it’s bad to jump the gun without actual proof of something being in a game, but given that EA and BioWare have embraced microtransactions in previous games, it’s not surprising some gamers are concerned, especially with the Anthem team supposedly having internal discussions about the live element.

In cases like this one where Hudson did not deny nor confirm if microtransactions will be in the game and instead diverted it to storytelling should be worrisome, especially following the scandal involving EA and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Time will tell what will come of BioWare, this new Dragon Age game and Anthem. But, with all of that said, what do you think BioWare and EA will do to remedy the talk around the new game microtransactions?

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