Celeste Thread On Steam Inquiring About SJW Politics Gets Locked

Matt Makes Games recently released Celeste for home consoles and PC. The game is being promoted as a side-scrolling platformer. The game puts players in the role of a girl named Madeline who must climb to the top of Celeste Mountain, overcoming hardships along the way, and going through a phase of self-discovery to surmount anxiety and emotional obstructions.

The game has been receiving a lot of praise from the community about being more than just a platformer, about tackling important subject matter, and that the story is “amazing”.

Celeste currently has a very positive rating on Steam and is available for $19.99.

The hand-drawn 2D platformer, however, is made by the same developer who made Towerfall. As pointed out on the Steam forums, some users are leery about supporting the developer because they were intent on promoting Anita Sarkeesian, a culture critic who has done a lot to harm gender relations in the gaming community and set gaming back by decades due to creating a politically hostile and divisive environment within the industry.

One user was absolutely worried about putting any money into the developer’s coffers, and somewhat politely asked on the Steam forums about how politicized the game is before committing to a purchase. Alcohol Fueled Brewtality wrote…

“How infested with SJW bull♥♥♥♥e is this game?


“I mean, it is from the same dev who cuckolded to Anita Scameesian and put her into their previous game.”

The thread received very few honest responses, and instead the poster was attacked and derided by the community for asking about whether or not Social Justice Warrior politics were present in the game.

Users like BirdoPrey stooped to directing insults toward the original poster, writing…

“How do people post threads like this without understanding that they are humiliating themselves?”

People defending SJW politics and cultural Marxism ran in to run interference against the poster, with users like The Problem Solver attempting to deflect by denigrating the user who asked a simple question by going into an anti-Trump rant, writing…

“This isn’t real, is it? This has to be fake. Otherwise… well my mind is blown and I lost even more faith in about half of my country.


“By the way, I still don’t understand why so many people think calling someone a Social Justice Warrior is some terrible insult. Fighting for social justice, that’s a bad thing? Striving for equality is supposed to be a burn now? Anyways I’ve said my piece, I still hope this is a joke thread, trying to tie politics somehow into this game, of all games.”


“[…] Whaaaaa whaaaa whaaaa, cry me a river, some video games have a political stance that you’re against or offends you. Well guess what. The leader of my fugging country is disgusting to me. He stands for almost everything I oppose. I can’t escape that. You, on the other hand, just have to not go on a forum and not play a video game. I’d have to pack up, find a house and job in another country to escape what bothers me. So, again, cry me a fuggin river.”

However, before anyone could properly answer the question about whether or not Celeste actually has SJW politics or sociopolitical engineering steeped within its story, the developer popped in to close the thread, writing…

“Locking this thread as it’s not really cultivating constructive discussion. The game description, trailers, and reviews explain in detail what the game is about. If it’s not your thing, that’s cool. “

Actually, neither the game description nor the reviews properly explain if the game adheres to the Liberal agenda, which is mostly what Alcohol Fueled Brewtality was curious about.

Sadly, the question still goes unanswered.

This has been a common occurrence with plenty of other games, such as Iconoclasts and Full Metal Furies, the former of which also had its threads deleted or locked when users kindly asked if the game supported SJWism, especially when there were very obvious telltale signs about the political intentions of the game.

Many gamers simply do not want to support developers pushing for social engineering and politics that center around the deconstruction of civilized society, which seems to be a common theme in some games with heavy sociopolitical propaganda located within them. Sadly, if you were curious about Celeste, it appears the censorship of asking about SJW politics in the game may be the only answer you get.


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