ChromaGun For Nintendo Switch Arrives January 22nd
ChromaGun Nintendo Switch

Pixel Maniacs announced that their first-person puzzle game, ChromaGun, will make its way to the Nintendo Switch starting January 22nd. The game originally came out for PS4 and Xbox One back in August of 2017 after having a run on PC a year earlier. It was a game that seemed to combine some of the wry humor from Portal but with more grounded puzzles from games like Antichamber and Colortone.

The object of the game is to get through a series of test chambers centered around using an experimental prototype called the ChromaGun.

The trailer for the Nintendo Switch is fantastic because it mirrors an Apple commercial, with the upbeat folk music and the bombastic, enthusiastic voiceover telling you how awesome ChromaTec’s new paint gun is. You can check it out below.

A lot of people have said that it’s basically a budget-made version of Portal, or a poor-man’s Valve game, but even if it’s a poor-man’s version of another high-profile game so long as it’s fun and entertaining that’s all that matters, right? I mean, the Xbox One X is a poor man’s version of a high-end 4K gaming rig and you don’t hear people complaining about – oh wait, scratch that. Well, look the PS4 Pro is a poor man’s version of a 1440p gaming system that can barely do 60fps and you don’t hear people complaining about – oh, wait… scratch that, too. Well, look Hillary Clinton was like a low-rent, soulless, corrupt version of Martha Stewart and people voted for…

…oh wait, nevermind.

Anyway, the game itself has received solid review scores from most users. It’s obviously not on par to Kim Swift’s Portal, but how many puzzle games are?

ChromaGun starts off jovial enough, with a few of the test chambers being used to acclimate players to the world. However, things eventually begin to break down and the plot gets a bit darker, along with the comedy.

You’ll get anywhere between six to eight hours out of the game, and while it runs at 60fps on PC and consoles, we don’t have confirmation yet on what the frame-rate will be on the Switch, especially when it goes from TV mode to portable mode.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been starved for first-person puzzle games on the Switch, you can look for ChromaGun to launch on the Nintendo Switch via the eShop starting January 22nd later this month.


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